Sunday, September 6, 2020

Five on Sunday - September 6, 2020

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I know this is coming a little late; but, it's been a week! 


The Catrice, Shared Planet & Rodial products were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

I'm really trying to get back in to my Monthly Makeup Baskets and I used the Summer baskets a lot, so I'm hoping I use the products I picked for the start of Fall - most of these are newer, so it might take me a bit to get comfortable with them!
The products that I planning on focusing on in September are:
I'm so excited to play with all of these more! 


It was my husband and I's 5th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend and we were so lucky to be able to enjoy a weekend away (we stayed very close to home and treated ourselves in Lake Louise; but, it was so relaxing to have a weekend away without the kids and it was lovely! We went hiking and canoeing and enjoyed some great meals with a fantastic view! 


I can't believe that I've been in Alberta for over 20 years and I had never been to Lake Louise before! That is where we stayed for our weekend away at it's so beautiful - the lake was this amazing turquoise blue and it was unreal! I can clearly see why it's a huge spot to visit and I'm glad I got to go when it was a quieter time and enjoy everything there! 

We also visited Moraine Lake (which is one of the craziest busy spots very) and it was the most beautiful lake I've ever seen! You can't even fake the colour - it is a bright teal blue and I could not believe how gorgeous it was. Again, I'm so happy I was able to get out there for our anniversary weekend!


This past week, my oldest son started High School! It feels so crazy and the covid situation - they are fast tracking classes, by going down from 2 semester to 4 and they are only doing 2 classes per semester and they are 3 hours long each day! It feels crazy to think about school in a pandemic; but, also Damian is not good at the online school so he certainly needs in person classes and they will be wearing masks all the time in school. 


This week I joined in a "Wordfest" event and I listened to a conversation with Billy-Ray Belcourt and Stephen Graham Jones and I really want to pick up both of these books after listening to the authors and I will probably join in more of these Wordfest events! I enjoyed it! 

I hope you all have a great long weekend! 


  1. Great post - I can't even imagine what starting high school would be like right now. That Shared Planet palette looks really interesting; I'll have to check it out! :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. I know it would be so crazy to think about going to school right now!