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May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I will be honest, I still have a total weakness for subscription boxes - it's actually what I started writing this blog about way back in the day. I tend to not buy many right now, but I usually have at least subscription on the go at all times because I just love getting surprises in the mail every month! 

When I got an email that Lush Kitchen was starting a subscription box I squealed, and then I signed up immediately! Lush Kitchen used to be a "secret beauty lab" section of Lush UK - it was where the made more experimental formulas and limited edition products that were exclusive to Lush Labs or Kitchen. They decided to revamp Lush Kitchen in May 2020 and turned it in to Lush Kitchen Subscription, so instead of random exclusive products being released, there are specifically ones released in a monthly subscription box! 

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box
I purchased this subscription on my own

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Lush Labs goodies made just for the box - every month subscribers vote on the monthly menu of products that they would or would not like to see in the box, so you can help pick what is included in the box! All of the products in each box will be vegan. 

Each month the Lush Kitchen Subscription box is £35/month + shipping (shipping to Canada is £17.95), so all together the cost of the subscription box in Canada is £52.95 a month, which converts to $94.05 CAN). The subscription will come with 4-5 exclusive products and I think it will include a variety of products that Lush makes; but, will of course be mostly bath and body products. 

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Each month you have until the 10th of the month to vote on the products you would like to see in the box, then on the 11th your payment will come out. Then, Lush makes the goodies and the boxes will start shipping out at the end of the month (so the first month was May 2020 and it didn't ship out until the very end of May - it took almost a month to arrive to me in Western Canada, but I do think generally this won't take as long, but the restrictions and shipping delays with covid added to that timeline). Also, just because you vote for a product does not guarantee that you will receive the items because they will make the most popular ones and the box is a complete surprise until you get it! 

Also, you do have the option to skip months, which I love in a subscription and I did skip June because I wanted to see how my first box was first, and since this is quite expensive with shipping, I will probably keep it as a little treat every couple of months! 

The box arrived filled with Lush's usual cornstarch peanuts to help the environment as well as a product card and an ingredient card. Here is a look at the products in the May 2020 box:

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Abombinaball Shower Jelly ~ Chill out, big (foot) time with bracing peppermint, sweet vanilla, and Brazilian orange. 

This is a super bold minty scent - I love the addition of the vanilla and citrus in it, so it's a really refreshing minty scent! The shower jellies are a really interesting texture and you sort of break a piece of it and rub it in. Also, is the abominable snowman not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! I love this! (For price point reference, typically shower jellies are around $9 CAN). 

29 High Street Fun ~ The intriguing scents of our original shop in Poole, embodied: jasmine flower infusion, warming sandalwood oil and brightening citrus oil. 

Of all the products from Lush that I've tried, I haven't actually tried a "fun" product. This is a multi-use product - you can use it as a soap, shampoo, or bubble bath. You can make fun shapes out of it or take small pieces in your hand and lather it up. You can also crumble small pieces under a running tap. I'm quite excited to try this one because it's not a product I would buy for myself! Also, this scent has been made in a few products before and it's been described as a classic "lush store" scent, which I love! (For price point reference, typically fun is $11 CAN for double this size). 

Moon on Stick Bath Bomb ~ Touch the skin with uplifting ylang ylang, neroli and sensual jasmine. 

This is a big bath bomb, but the stick on the end was a little loose so it was a cute touch, but I can't use it like this. It smells delicious and it looks adorable - it's a perfect moon! I love Lush bath bombs so I will happily use this! (For price point reference, this size bath bomb is around $8 CAN). 

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel ~ Coffee and cocoa powder embrace. 

This is a really cool product to receive as this is a pretty classic old-school or retro Lush product - I think they have brought it back as a Lush Kitchen exclusive a couple of times over the years, so it seems very fitting that it was in the first Lush Kitchen subscription. It's not a scent that I've used before; but, I love it! I've seen it described as a chocolate orange scent - I got a pretty strong coffee scent and I love the hint of chocolate. This will be perfect for morning showers for a good wake up scent! (For price point reference, the size of this shower gel is around $10 CAN). 

Supertramp Shower Gel ~ Grounding cascade of earthy patchouli. 

I think this is also a classic or retro scent - this is a pretty strong earthy and pine scent. It's not a scent that I would really ever pick myself and I don't love it; but, I will still use this. I'm a big fan of the Lush Shower Gel formula and it works well, so this is good. Maybe the earthy scent will grow on me by the end of this giant bottle! (For prince point reference, the size of this shower gel is around $23 CAN). 

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I was so excited to receive the first Lush Kitchen subscription box - I'm such a Lushie and I love surprises in the mail, so this was really great. I will use all the products I received, although I'm a little sad that I don't love the scent of the biggest product in the box. Also, I know that this is a bath subscription; but, I do hope that we will see a little more variety in the products, out of 5 products, 4 of them are body wash type products. I'm hoping we will see more variety like bubble bars, lotions, etc.! 

Also, as a Canadian the shipping cost really adds to the total cost making this just under $100 per month. I paid $94.05 for the May box, which works out to about $18.81 per product with the 5 products in the box. This came with about $56 worth of products; however, the value is worth a little bit more because these are exclusive products and when some of them were previously brought back in the Lush Kitchen, they were sold at a bit of a higher price. I mean the value of the box isn't exorbitant given that I am paying for shipping, but that is also something I knew before ordering the box and I do think if you're a Lushie, you would like this box! 

May 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box
I did skip the June box, but I am planning on ordering the July box so I'm excited to see what we get in the box! What do you guys think of this subscription? 

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