Friday, December 20, 2019

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

This past Summer, I started my first Project Pan and I only had 4 projects to use, or hit pan on within 4 months, and even though it was short, I really enjoyed doing it! All through 2019 my goal has really been to make sure I've been using and enjoying the products I have in my collection - palettes of the week, monthly makeup baskets and shop my stash posts.

So, now I'm planning a year long project where I set a goal to hit pan or finish up 20 makeup products in the year 2020! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look
The lip oil was sent as a PR sample - this post contains affiliate links

I'm starting the year off with the first 10 products and will treat this like a rolling project - once I reach my goal, I will add a new product to the mix! I have a mix of goals between finishing products and hitting pan, so this should be a lot of fun! I also picked a mix of products that I will reach my goals quickly on and some that may take close to the whole project to reach! I plan on updating the Project every two months (so you will see update 1 in February, update 2 in April, etc.)

I'm only doing makeup products for this project, as I typically go through skincare products pretty regularly. Also, for fun this month, I decided to do my December Shop My Stash look using all my Project Pan selections! 

Here are the first 10 products and my goals for them:

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Guerlain Meteorites Highlighting Powder Pearls in 02 Light ~ $83.00 CAN. An illuminating powder made up of light-diffusing pearls that minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin.

I love these Guerlain highlighting balls - I use them as a finishing powder and they just smooth everything with just a little swipe over the face. The crazy thing is, I've had this particular product since April 2014 (I wrote about it in My First Sephora Orders post). I also have a newer version of these in a slightly different finish, so I'd like to move these out of my collection! 

My goal for this is to fully use it up - seems easy, but I've had these for a long time and you use such a little amount of product. I'm thinking these will take me longer than I think to finish! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer ~ mini size for $28.00 CAN (full size is $51.00 CAN). A hydrating, color-neutralizing primer that creates the look of healthy, even skin tone with a natural finish.

I've had this primer for a couple of years now and since it's not a favourite I tend to keep using newer products instead of finishing. It's not that this is a bad primer - it certainly helps smooth the skintone, but I don't think it does anything extra special for my makeup application. I also think it's got a pretty luminous finish, so I'd like to finish this in the Winter. 

My goal for this primer is to finish it - I'm actually between 2/3 and 3/4 done already and I plan on using this daily until it's done, so it shouldn't take too long! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Too Faced Cosmetics Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush ~ $40.00 CAN. A brightening blush that's infused with a peach fragrance.

I reviewed this blush in January 2017 and it instantly made my Monthly Favourites then and actually made my Best of Makeup in 2017. I really enjoyed this formula and the shade is gorgeous. The problem is, this formula seems to be changing on me and this is getting a lot of hard pan and it's just not quite the same. 

Since I do love it, I really want to make sure I'm using this well before I might have to toss it if the formula keeps going. But, blushes take forever to get through - my goal is to hit pan on this blush and who knows how long that will take! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Highlighting Powder in CandleLight ~ $58.00 CAN. A sheer, opalescent highlighting powder that works to illuminate features with a subtle glow.

This is a highlighter that made my Monthly Favourites back in July 2016 and it was a pretty classic highlighter then! It can also be used as an all over finishing powder or illuminator to brighten up target areas. It's so much more subtle than most of the highlighters on the market now - it just leaves a really light sheen with no shimmer or glitter or anything. It's really nice, but I've recently dropped it and the whole highlighter fell out and I just sort of set it back it, so it's getting old and fragile and might be on it's last legs in my collection! 

I'm really hoping to hit pan on the product - I plan on using it in multiple ways too so I don't think it will take too long! It's already got a bit of a dip in the centre! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Koosh ~ $6.00 US. Icy silver taupe in an Ultra-Metallic finish.

I loved the ColourPop Super Shock shadow formula years ago - I bought so many of them! I actually got this one back in January 2016 in a set, so I'm surprised the formula has lasted this long and the shadow still looks really good. I've dwindled down these shadows to just a few left in my collection and every time I do a declutter more and more are dry or don't have any pigmentation left. So while this one still looks good, I'd like to get more use out of it! 

My goal for this product is to hit pan on it - a stretch goal would be to totally use it up. It depends on how much I actually reach for it that will determine if I go for the stretch goal! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Raspberry Mint All Natural Lipgloss/Moisturizer - Cherry ~ $5.00. These are all natural lip moisturizers/lip gloss made with 100% natural ingredients: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and natural flavour oils. 

I got this lip oil in January 2017 from a Canadian start-up company "Raspberry Mint" who also had some body oils (they no longer exist). This has sort of been lost in my collection and I've almost tossed it a couple of times - but really, it's an oil so I should just use it up.

My goal with this is to finish it up and I'm hoping to have that goal reached pretty quickly! i will use this a few times a day until it's done! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

ColourPop Take Me Home Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ~ $12.00 US/$15.00 CAN. Your right hand, your go-to. This mini 6 pan palette has you covered for your everyday necessities. Includes the perfect, best-selling warm-toned shades, a mix of matte and metallic finishes, and a mirror, this baby is a keeper. Keep one in your purse for touch ups or keep it displayed on your vanity, it’ll be a staple in your collection.

I picked this up in December 2017 when ColourPop briefly sold on Sephora (I think only for the holiday season that year and then never again?!) and instantly enjoyed it! It was really easy to use and travel with - it made my Monthly Favourites in January 2018 and even made my Best of Beauty in 2018! So this was great, trouble is I've picked up a few more smaller neutral palettes that I like the formula a little bit better. Compared to ColourPop's newer powder formula, this is quite dusty. It still works well, so I don't want this to be totally lost to the newer and shinier versions, but I also don't think this ages well and the formula is different. 

I would like to hit pan on at least one shadow in this palette - it will likely be the matte peach in the top left corner that has a dip in it already. If I enjoy using the palette, I may set a stretch goal of 2 or 3 pans before I swap it out, but I'm not sure right now if that will happen! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder ~ $8.00 CAN. The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is a loose powder that helps absorb oil and excess sebum. Formulated with Jeju natural minerals, this oil-control powder is a must-have for setting your make up and preventing it from becoming patchy due to excess oil.

This came as a little freebie in a k-beauty haul back in July 2015. Can you see a trend with all these products - I've had them for a while and they've just been pushed to the back of my collection when I got new products! This is a super fine powder so it works for setting the face - I've also used it to set the brows before. It's good just under the eyes or all over - it can look a little heavy if you don't go really light with it! It does work to keep a natural finish all day and has been fine. 

My goal is to finish up this product and I think if I use this daily, I should be able to reach my goal fairly quickly! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

Colour Pop Lippie Stix "Juice Bar" ~ $5.00. Cool toned berry pink in a Sheer finish, because obviously it’s good for you…

I still have a lot of these lippie stix in my collection and they were some of the first lip products I was really purchasing - this one made my Favourites back in September 2015, so these have been kicking around for a while. I haven't thought about these formulas for a long time, so it's time to use one in a shade I really used to love! (Although, it seems a bit brighter now than I remember - this is a sheer finish lippie stix). 

My goal is to finish this product - but that actually seems like a really big goal. Chances are this will get far more use in Spring and Summer time, so it could take the whole project to get close to that. 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Pencil in Brunette ~ $10.96 CAN. The 0.5 mm ultra-fine tip of the pencil is a perfect tool to recreate tiny brow hair, allowing you to precisely draw and shape your brows for a well-defined brow look.

I picked this up back in a February 2016 Shopping Haul and I've always wondered how people use up brow products, but it's probably because they don't have 7 on the go at all times. This is a good formula, I've used it lots for looks, but I've never used it consistently and there isn't that much product left! 

My goal is to finish this up - hopefully, using this every day until it's done won't take me too long! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

For the this look, I used the Becca primer, the Innisfree setting powder all over, The Guerlain as a finishing powder, the Too Faced blush on the cheeks and the Kevyn Aucoin highlighter on the cheek bones. I used the ColourPop palette on the eyes, and the Super Shock shadow all over lid - I also have the L'Oreal brow product on my brows. And, I used the Lip Oil followed by the Lippie Stix! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look

The other products I used to complete the look are:
-Vichy Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation
-Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch
-Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Queen's Land 
-Doucce Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen in Black
-The Body Shop Happy Go Lash Mascara

Not everything goes together perfectly in this Project, but it felt like the best way to kick off a year long project pan, to use everything I could on my face at the same time! 

I'm looking forward to reaching the goals and making progress in this Project Pan! I do like all the products in here, and as I've already pointed out, they are mainly products that I enjoyed and then neglected after I got something new and similar in my collection! And, I hate being wasteful and just tossing items, so time to use them all up! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan and December Shop My Stash Look
Have you done a Project Pan before?! What do you think of them?! 


  1. On my lord - how did you get so low in your Meteorites? I've been using an old snowflake one for AGES and I swear I've gotten NOWHERE.

    I'm so sad to hear about the formula changing on Papa Don't Peach. I love that blusht too, but I defintely have not worn it as much as you!

    I love Project Pans so much. Cannot WAIT to see how you progress on everything!

    1. Those Meteorites feel like they are never ending - it's been 5 years of use and I go through big bursts of using it, but I'm scared it's still going to take me the whole year to use up! I can't wait to see how you do on yours too - I was excited to see you doing one too!

  2. Maybe it's because I have a meteorites collection, but I am impressed. I started using my 02 light this year, I figured it was the only permeant one I own so I could use it up. I haven't even dented the thig. Good job

    1. Oooh - I think I remember seeing your collection and being envious! I have one holiday one and I have a harder time using it than this one! It's been years of use - they are never ending!