Sunday, May 26, 2019

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review

Happy Skincare Sunday! Didn't I worn you last week that if you thought if last week's breast mask was a little risqué, then this week's mask was going to be even more racy?! 

But, don't worry - this post is still totally G rated and I can't show mask selfies with these crazy body masks! 

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review
Purchased by me

That's right - this whole month of masking "Anywhere But The Face" took me down a rabbit-hole of crazy body masks! If you saw earlier, I started with a neck and décolletage mask, a butt mask, breast masks, and now a muff masque! Why shouldn't everywhere deserve some skincare love?! 

I really had no idea there was even a mask made for the nether regions; but, why shouldn't there be?! Your lady bits deserve a little love and attention with skincare too! 

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review

Muff Masque ~ $14.00 US. The only one on the market, Muff masque is an amazing empowering sheet masque for "your lips below the hips". 

Basically, Muff Masque is a sheet mask for your vagina that is infused with plant based ingredients. The mask is meant to leave "down there" feeling refreshed, soothed, and hydrated. It is made with plant based ingredients so you don't have to be worried about what's going down there and is free of parabens, formaldehyde, alcohol, phthalates, and sulfates.

Also, when I went to purchase this, it was sold out on the Muff Mask website; but, look at their stockiest page and check out their other retailers - I picked up mine from HouseofMargot

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review

Here are the steps to "Mind Your Muff" - remove mask, unfold, line up the mask and place it mask accordingly on your nether regions, then let the bottom part of mask fall where it may in between your legs, where for 15 to 20 minutes and remove. 

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review

Here's a look at the mask - I wanted to show the size of the package for reference of the actual mask, which turned out way bigger than I thought it would be! So there is lots of room for fit and there was no complaints there. The only thing about this mask is that was cool and for the girly bits it was a bit of shock when I first applied it (then it settled it and was fine to wear). 

It was certainly hydrating and soothing and you could easily treat yourself before or after a special night. Also, the mask was designed by a couple of ladies who needed something cooling and refreshing after a long night of dancing in Cuba, so that's always a good indication of when a good time to use this mask is! Overall, this mask delivered on it's results and it was certainly unique and fun to wear! 

Skincare Sunday - Muff Masque Review

This is the last Skincare Sunday of my masking in May with Jayne from Cosmetic Proof and Chantal from Chantal's Corner for our #AnywhereButTheFace month of masking. I know I've really liked all the fun body masks and now I know that everywhere on the body deserves some skincare! 


  1. I was so tempted to get this one, but we have too many house expenses going on right now so I had to put on the breaks on my purchases. Sounds like it was fun to try though. And I love how you used a cat plate as prop, wink wink. ;-)

    1. Haha, yes to the cat prop! I can't find this mask easily now without having to either buy more from their stockists or pay like $10 of shipping which seems ridiculous. I'm glad you got a chance to experiment with all of these different masks for areas of the body though! I still like face masks the best, but I'm glad you had some fun with the challenge!

    2. Hahaha - it would have been more fun to have some fellow body masking, but I totally get other expenses! I still love the face masks the best too, but, the body masks were so fun!