Sunday, October 1, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Happy October Everyone!!!! Come October 1st, you can catch me decorating for Halloween and singing "this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, everybody SCREAM!!!" I can watch all my Halloween movies and have all my Halloween baths!

Every Halloween I have to get a few Lushoween goodies so I can have a month of Halloween baths!!! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Seriously, Lush always makes the cutest Holiday collections - Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day - you name it!

Their Holiday collections are always limited edition and they change every year too! They are always adding new products and sometimes bring back your old favorites! Here is a look at a few goodies I am trying for this Halloween:
Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Pumpkin Bath Bomb ~ $7.75. Carve out some time to hide away in the tub with this classic pumpkin fizzer! With a spicy-sweet pumpkin pie perfume full of exotic pimento, sweet vanilla and cozy, warming cinnamon, this jack-o'-lantern will have you imitating his toothy grin once he hits your bath water.

Of course I had to dive in and try these goodies right away! This Pumpkin bath bomb is such a perfect Fall scent! It's warm and spicy smelling and nice and relaxing - you need to grab a cup of tea and a book and enjoy this bomb! I generally prefer sweeter scents; but, this is a great change once in a while for me! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Bewitched Bubble Bar ~ $7.95. Drop your superstitions: this just might be one of the only instances where encountering a black cat is a lucky sign. Crumble up this fab feline under the tap to conjure up a shroud of berry-scented bubbles and dark, mysterious waters. One bath and you'll agree: this kitty is absolute purrfection.

How AMAZING is this bubble bar!!! I loooove kitties so I am so excited to have a black cat bath treat! I love bubble bars - the beast part is you can generally get 2-3 uses out of 1 bar, so they last a fair bit longer! Also, this smells so good! It is berry scented and it's supposed to make your bath black! I can't wait to use this! 

Do you follow me on Instagram? I share my thoughts on each bath bar I use on the gram as soon as I use it! I already shared my Pumpkin bath bomb thoughts there too! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar ~ $7.95. Halloween doesn't have to be all about ghouls and monsters! This bright pink bubbler is perfect for those who might be more inclined to dress up as a unicorn than a zombie. Fall in love with an enchanting bouquet of geranium, bergamot and jasmine as your bath fills up with swirling plastic-free pink shimmer and heaps of fluffy foam.

Ahhh... a bubble bar right after my own heart! Something pink and sparkly and Halloween-y - everything I love all in one! I love the scent of bergamont, jasmine and cinnamon all together in this bar! Again, can't wait to use this! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Halloween Goodies!

Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar ~ $7.95. This year, Snow Fairy's not the only fairy in town! Get glam with your gothic self by gliding our brand new shimmer bar wherever you want beautifully iridescent sparkles on your skin. Hydrating illipe and cupuaƧu butters soften you up while a fruity perfume of bergamot and grapefruit oils lifts your spirits. She might look a bit spooky, but this fairy's a real softy at heart.

How cute is this little goth fairy?! This is a sold shimmer bar - it's not as a soft as Lush's body bars, but that's good because it doesn't melt as quickly. It does moisturize and a good amount of shimmer without being too much! The scent isn't too overpowering and it's delicious! This little fairy made her way right on to my counter and I use her most days! 

The rest of the Lush Halloween collection includes more amazing goodies - other bath bombs like a cute little monster (used last year and loved!), Lord of Misrule goodies (Lush's signature Halloween scent), and another sparkly pumpkin! Plus there is some awesome new items - the Jelly Bombs sound so cool! I think I will pick one up right away from the Halloween collection or their upcoming Christmas collection. It also includes a new naked lip tint and naked lip scrub! If there is anything you are interested in trying, make sure you head to your nearest Lush soon and scoop them up!!! 

Does anyone remember the Boo Bath Melt from last year?! I should have picked up more because they aren't back this year and they were amazing!!! 
What do you like most from this year's collection? I'm most excited for the Bewitched Bubble Bar!!! 

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own! 


  1. Aw what a cutie post!! I was wondering about all the Halloween Lush stuff and if it was worth it! Thanks for your review I think I may have to stop in and grab some bath bombs for sure.. and maybe that shimmer bar hehe. xo- Lauren Will from

    1. I love Lush's Halloween suff!! Hope you liked what you picked up!