Sunday, June 18, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Weleda Evening Primrose Collection

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone! I have a few products from the Weleda Evening Primrose collection! Weleda is a brand I am just starting to become familiar with! They are cruelty-free, and use fair trade and sustainable ingredients in all their products! 

Skincare Sunday - Weleda Evening Primrose Collection

The Weleda Evening Primrose collection ranges from face products such as a day cream, night cream, eye cream, and age revitalizing concentrate to body products including lotion, body wash, body oil and hand cream! 

The Evening Primrose collection has a very distinctive fresh, floral scent - it is all natural and scented with organic evening primrose oil. The body products do smell quite strong so keep that in mind if you don't love floral scents. The face products are also scented - I found the scent applied a little strong, but as soon as the product was absorbed, the scent was not too strong. 

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Day Cream ~ $47.49. Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Day Cream plumps the skin with intensive moisture, while Centella Asiastica extract revives the skin’s own vital functions and protects against free radicals. Deep lines appear noticeably reduced, and the skin’s overall appearance is more even and visibly firmer, and facial contours more defined.

This cream is suggested for dry and mature skin. This day cream was just okay for me - this is a nice texture and actually leaves the skin with a very gentle, luminous sheen which I like! However, I found that with the sheen, this cream also left a little greasy film on my skin - like it didn't fully absorb in to my skin and I had a little layer on top of my skin. 

I do think that if you have oily skin, this would not be the best for you. I have skin that turns a little combination in the warmer weather, so I think that may be why it didn't work amazing on me. I am going to try this in the Fall or Winter and I will likely have better luck! 

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Night Cream ~ $49.99. Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Night Cream promotes the nightly regenerative powers of the skin and stimulates its natural defense system, whilst strengthening the skin and, restoring plumpness and increasing resilience.

This was noticeably thicker in texture than the day cream, which is appropriate for a night cream. Honestly, the thicker the better for me in a night cream! This cream did take a bit to absorb in to the skin and I found the scent lingered a little longer on the skin than like the day cream. I did like this cream - it made my skin feel refreshed and hydrated in the morning! 

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Wash ~ $14.99. Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Wash gently releases a fresh, floral scent inspired by the opening evening primrose blossoms. The blend of ingredients with organic macadamia nut oil and organic evening primrose oil keeps the skin silky smooth and protects its natural moisture.

This body wash is good - the scent is quite strong, but I like floral scents so I enjoy it! I think it will be great to add in an evening bubble bath too! This worked well. 

What are your favorite Weleda products? 

*PR products featured - all opinions are my own

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