Friday, June 23, 2017

Five on Friday - June 23, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! Mine was quiet, but I will take it - I have a feeling come Summer we are going to be crazy busy!


I'm so excited - I just got these adorable one piece bath suits in the mail! I have never been a one piece wearer at all, but having a baby in May, I'm just not ready to get back in my bikinis! These 2 suits are from Cupshe and I'm really happy with the quality and fit! (Seriously, is this mermaid swimsuit not the cutest thing you have ever seen!) I actually think I may order another couple right away! 


How is time going this fast?! Baby Elliott is 2 month old today! I can understand the first month flying by because I was literally running on no sleep and every day blurred together. But now that our days are more structured, I'm still surprised that it's been 2 months! He has been smiling away is so alert - it's hard to believe how quick they grow and change! 


This past weekend was  Father's Day - we don't usually get up to much, but I had to get my husband a few of his favorites! This Baco Noir is one of our favorite wines from Summerhill Pyramid Winery and I just spotted this Game of Thrones wine - we will be testing this on premiere night! Also, I made pancakes for the occasion! 


Did you guys watch the show Boy Band premiere last night? I saw the preview and didn't think I was going to watch it, but I put it on last night and loved it! I was boy band crazy back in my tween/teen days so I can totally relieve my love of boy band through this show! I'm sold - there is some good talent on the show!

I'm officially going on a no-buy for July! My purchases this month were a little more than they should have been - but there was some serious palettes being released that I could NOT pass up! So since I went over budget this month, I will not buy anything next month! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - I am going to have a busy weekend but it will be good! 

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