Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mask Wednesday - The Creme Shop Calm Down, Skin! Kitty Face Mask Review

Happy Mask Wednesday everyone! Two of my very favorite things are cats and animal masks, so when I find a product that combines both of these I get pretty excited! Enter The Creme Shop Kitty Face Mask that I found while shopping at Winners a couple of weeks ago! 

The Creme Shop Calm Down, Skin! Kitty Face Mask Review

The Creme Shop Calm Down, Skin! Kitty Face Mask ~ $4.00. Refresh with a cat nap and a cat mask. Infused with pink grapefruit, this calico cat is rich in lycopene to heal inflammation and sun damage.

I haven't actually heard of The Creme Shop before, but it looks like it is an American company that has their products made in Korea.

Anyways, they have quite a few different face masks and skincare products. This one is a little different - it has pink grapefruit and is meant to help calm down inflamed skin. As always, my poor pregnant skin can use some calming and soothing.

The Creme Shop Calm Down, Skin! Kitty Face Mask Review

This mask is straight-forward to use: wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 10-15 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine. 

The Creme Shop Calm Down, Skin! Kitty Face Mask Review

First of all, you guys are welcome that I'm not scared to show the ugly side of beauty blogging! You might think these masks are cute, but surprise, they are scary as hell! Even better, this has some fold up eyes to add an extra level of scary to it. I don't see a cat here at all, but this mask is pink so that's a plus! 

This mask fit pretty decent on my face - it has a lot of tabs and it fit my face well. It had a strong scent, almost soapyish (It is hard to explain, but not a pleasant scent). This was well soaked in essence and this mask could have easily been worn for 45 minutes. 

Unfortunately, this mask got so tingly on my skin that I had to take it off after approximately 7 minutes of wearing it. Yikes, and I probably could have taken it off early - I did not like the feeling at all. It felt like my skin was turning red and getting itchy under the mask. My skin was a little red when the mask came off, but it did calm down right away. Also, my skin was soooo dry when this came off I couldn't believe it! I had to use 2 of my thickest moisturizers to get it to feel okay. 

I'm thinking my problems came because the 3rd ingredient in this mask is alcohol - I find I can wear masks with alcohol in them (although, I try to avoid the ingredient when I can because I do have dry skin!) so I can't be sure if this is where the problem came from. But instead of the mask calming and soothing my skin, it actually did the opposite. I bought a 3 pack, so I will chucking/passing on the last 2 masks. Perhaps, less sensitive skin can handle this mask. 


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