Monday, October 24, 2016

Skincare Sunday - Aromic Citrusy Nighttime Face Oil

Happy Skincare Sunday! This week I'm sharing my thoughts on a face oil from a Canadian, all-natural skincare company!

Aromic Skincare is a small Canadian company based in Brampton, Ontario. They are committed to using natural ingredients to deliver quality products and results that deliver. All the products are made in small batches so you can ensure you are getting a quality product! 

Skincare Sunday - Aromic Citrusy Nighttime Face Oil

Aromic Skincare Citrusy Nighttime Face Oil ~ $40.00. Ideal for all skin types to give a healthy glow and provide hydration without leaving it feeling greasy. Ideal for nighttime use due to it phototoxic properties. Store it in a cool, dark place for a longer shelf life. This product is cruelty free, sulphate free, non toxic and 100% vegan.

This is a lovely, citrus smelling face oil - I really like the smell, and don't find it too overwhelming. I actually think it's a great scent of orange with a hint of spice that is calming and great before bedtime! 

Skincare Sunday - Aromic Citrusy Nighttime Face Oil

This face oil is easy  to use, simply apply 4-5 drops to face and neck before going to bed. Apply more if needed. Shake well before using.

I personally use face oils in the same place as my serums/essences/ampoules (they are all essentially similar products with slightly different names and ingredients. This step of my skincare routine is after cleansing, toning, misting, and before the application of moisturizers - if you would like a detailed step-by-step of my skincare routine, you can check it out here

Skincare Sunday - Aromic Citrusy Nighttime Face Oil

This oil is a nice, thin consistency, making it really easy to apply. I find some thicker oils can be a little hard to smooth evenly on the face and get everywhere - this oil is so easy to make sure you apply it well to the entire face. It absorbs nicely in to skin and doesn't leave an overly greasy feeling. 

I thought this oil made my skin really look great - after using it for a little while, my skin looked healthy and bright! I think this worked well!

*Product sent in exchange for an honest review - all opinions are my own

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