Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Look - Previous Year's Makeup!

I just love everything Halloween - of course my favorite thing is doing makeup looks! I thought I would show you guys a few makeup looks from the past few years! 

pop art comic makeup look

Last's year Halloween was a quiet one - my husband had surgery a few days before, so we didn't plan much! I did love that I had a little bit of extra time to create this Pop Art Comic look! 

I created a dark pink and purple smoky eye, with a bold filled in brow. I also kept the lips bright pink! I used black pencil eyeliner to create the comic lines on my face. I also used it to create long lower lashes. I drew in a tear and filled in it with blue shadow and glitter! Last, I created dots with the back of an eyeshadow brush and simple white Halloween makeup.

sugar skull makeup

This year's Halloween was quite for us as well - the whole family was leaving early the following morning for a trip to Florida so we had to have a quiet night! I did make the flower headband with fake flowers from the dollar store, a cheap headband, and a glue gun! 

I love sugar skull makeup and really wanted to try it! For this whole look I used cheap Halloween makeup from those little tubes. It was quick to do, but looking back I do wish that I used real makeup so it would look more precise! Overall, I do love this look! 

minion halloween makeup

Ok, I love my Minion costume! The makeup was really straight-forward for this costume! While it is simple, if you have something over your eyes, you do need to make the makeup bold so it doesn't get lost! 

I did dark brows, bright yellow eyeshadow, and lashes under my goggles! The rest I kept nice and simple - this was great and doubled as a good family costume as well as my husband was Dr. Gru and my son was an evil minion! 

zombie robin makeup

This year's costumes was overall one of my favorites - Zombie Robin, to my husband's Zombie Batman! The actual makeup was quite straightforward, this costume was more about the special effects add-ons! 

For the makeup, I used a light shade of foundation and powder for a light skin colour (I am and the biggest eyelashes I could find (they were not easy with that mask!) I added the face scratch, neck bite, broken arm and leg gash (all pre-made wounds I didn't do them from scratch!) with glue, added liquid latex, fake liquid blood, and fake gel blood to make everything blend in really well! I also added a red contact and a white mesh contact to complete the look! 

Hope this post gave you some Halloween Inspiration! 

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