Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Look - Leopard Makeup!

Happy Halloween! This week's look is a Leopard! 
Leopard Makeup

I love playing with makeup and this leopard look is really focused on fun makeup! I think that leopard makeup seems really intimidating, but honestly doing it, it was really easy! I have a really easy picture how-to in this post as well if you happen to think it might be a little intimidating! 

I also found these ears (and a tail) for $6 which really added to my whole costume! 

Here is a closer look at the makeup:
Leopard Makeup

This makeup look is all about the leopard spots, but I also wanted it to be about the eye makeup too! 

Here is a look at the products I used:
makeup for leopard

-Base shadow ~ Urban Decay Naked 2 "Foxy"
-Under brow shadow ~ Naked 2 "Bootycall"
-Crease shadow ~ bh cosmetics Foil Eyes - 2nd from right row bottom 2 colours mixed!
-lower crease shadow ~ bh cosmetics Foil Eyes - 2 yellow shades mixed (sorry these don't have names!)
-Lid shadow ~ Naked 2 "half baked"
-Eyeliner ~ Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black & L'oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eye Liner (both have different brushes and I needed both for this really bold liner look)
-tight line ~ Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Black
-Mascara ~ Smashbox X-rated Mascara
-Eyebrows ~ L'oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette 

-Covergirl Trublend Liquid Foundation 
-NYX HD concealer
-Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer 
-Becca x Jaclyn Hill pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

Leopard Makeup
-spots base medium brown ~ bh cosmetics foil eyes bronzy-browny-purple (2nd from right row, bottom shade)
-spots base dark brown ~ Naked 2 "Busted"
-spots outline ~ L'oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eye Liner 
-freckles ~ L'oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette (brow pencil)
-nose and top lip ~ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Black Bean"

Of course you don't need to use the same products, just something similar! 

Here is a look at how easy the spots are to create:
leopard makeup how-to tutorial

-Use a rounded eyeshadow brush and dot on both a medium brown and a dark brown eyeshadow (sizes can be different and you pick how close together you want them - these don't need to be perfect)
-Use a black liquid eyeliner and create an outline around the eyeshadow dot - this is hard to explain because you just squiggle the liner around. If you are uncomfortable with wiggling around the liner, start by creating a "c" shape around the dots. 

Here is how to create the whole look:
-Do your face makeup as usual - foundation/concealer
-add some bronzer to your hairline and contour line (I added a little touch as blush)
-Go hard on the highlighter! I added a ton to my cheekbones and apples of cheeks. Add it all over forehead and to the upper lip - lots of it! 
-Create the shadow look with yellows, golds and bronzes on the lid. 
-Do a bold cat eyeliner and pull the liner down past the inner eye corner and under the eye. -Then, using a pencil liner, tightline the eyes
-Fill in brows - I didn't do a hugely bold look, because I wanted the spots to stand out
-Create spots all over forehead and carry it down to the cheeks
-Use brow pencil, and create little freckle spots on upper lip
-Use NYX Jumbo eye pencil and create nose, carry a line down and fill in top lip.
-I covered the bottom lip with a little foundation so it blends in to the face makeup.
-Add some cute ears! 

Leopard Makeup
Have fun being a Leopard! 

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