Friday, October 7, 2016

Five on Friday - October 7, 2016

Happy October everyone! Can you ever feel the new month here in Calgary - it is COLD outside! We got our first snowfall this morning! I guess some years we get it earlier, so Thanksgiving time isn't so bad!


Last weekend I was very lucky to be asked by Nordstrom Calgary and Dior Makeup to get a preview of the makeup being featured at the Park Luxe Fashion Show in Calgary last weekend. 
The Dior Rouge Lipstick on my lips is #250 BAL, and it is finished with the Dior Addict Lip Glow Pomade! 

Dior was exclusively doing the makeup for the event and wanted to show off the look of light eyes and bold lips, featuring Dior Rouge lipsticks for the show. It was so fun to get my makeup done and learn more about the makeup line! 


Oh, when October hits all I think about is Halloween! I have already started doing makeup looks for the season - have you seen my Unicorn Halloween look yet? 

But really, I love LUSH's seasonal releases - they are always to die for! I usually like to do a post alone about these, but I only grabbed a few goodies this season! I got:
  • Little Monster Wrapped Gift that came with: Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb and Boo Luxury Bath Melt 
  • Pumpkin Bath Bomb
I'm so excited for these lovely Lushoween goodies! 


Have you seen my review on the Mediheal Snail Aquaring SOS aka THE BEST MASK EVER! If you haven't, the review is here

The mask I reviewed was my last mask, so I had to replace them immediately! These masks are a little pricier than I would normally like to spend, but because they are absolutely amazing, I had to get them! 

I purchased mine from CNC Canada - they are $4.49 each plus shipping, but shipped really quick and are quite hard to find online! 


I'm still unwrapping my 30 Day of Beauty Gift Exchange! This has been so fun and I can't believe how many presents there are! I love the ColourPop eyeshadow - it is in Nillionaire and I don't have this one yet! Also, the lipstick is a great colour!

A photo posted by Jerrod Blandino (@jerrodblandino) on

Ugh, these spoilers for the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection are amazing! I love my peach palette and I plan on scooping everything else up because it looks so freaking adorable! Looks like there is the highlight/contour palette, a peach blush, and now a peach lip colour too! Can't wait! 

I hope you guys have a great long weekend - Happy Thanksgiving! 

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