Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks

Happy Sunday everyone! I was so excited to see that Vichy came out with a line of mineral masks - quenching, pore purifying, and double glow! 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks

These masks are referred to as "quick fix skin saviours" as they are all meant to be 5 minute masks! I love that these are quick - a lot of masks require a good amount of time, and not everyone has extra time for masking all the time.

Because these formulas are all 5 minutes, they are great to use individually, or used together for "multi-masking"! 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks quenching mask

Vichy Quenching Mineral Skin Mask ~ $34.00. Instantly hydrates and soothes, while leaving skin feeling fresh thanks to its mineral rich formula and liquid gel texture.

The ingredients in this mask, such as mineralizing thermal water, vitamin B3 and glycerin, are designed to boost skin hydration and sooth thirsty skin - think of this as a nice glass of cold water for your skin! 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks quenching mask

This mask is a leave on mask and is so easy to use! Apply the mask to the face and leave on for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, gently rub or tap remaining essence in to skin. 

I really enjoyed this mask - I found it easy to use, and most of the product had absorbed in to my skin in the 5 minutes. There was only a little extra to massage in to my skin. This was nice and cooling and felt great. I used this both at night, as well as in the morning and found it didn't leave my skin sticky, and just felt more moisturized! 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks Double Glow peel mask

Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask ~ $34.00. Leaves skin glowing and radiant thanks to Vitamin C and its AHA and volcanic stone exfoliation.

This mask uses ingredients such as mineralizing thermal water, volcanic stone, AHA and Vitamin C to create a very gentle peel to off any dead skin cells and leave skin bright and luminous! 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks Double Glow Peel Mask

This mask is a very smooth, thin gel formula. It goes on really smooth and is a rinse off type mask. To use, apply mask to face, allow to rest for 5 minutes, use your fingers in a circular motion to stimulate the mask and remove dead skin cells, rinse off mask. 

I found this mask to be incredibly gentle and it did not feel to harsh on my skin. I have sensitive skin, and only use peels about once a month on my face. This mask did do the trick to make my skin look brighter without feeling like it stripped off layers of skin. I would suggest this to people that are looking for a more gentle alternative to exfoliants or chemically peels. 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks Pore Purifying Clay Mask
Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask ~ $34.00. Cleanses and refines pores thanks to Kaolin and Bentonite clay, leaving the skin feeling purified.

This mask uses ingredients like mineralizing thermal water, Kaolin and bentonite clay, as well as aloe vera to detox the skin by purifying and refining the pores, while not drying out the skin. 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks pore purifying clay mask

This is a nice creamy clay mask consistency and again, is a quick 5 minute rinse off type mask! To use simply apply mask, stimulate mask by smoothing it out from the center of the face towards the outside with flat fingers, allow to sit for 5 minutes, and rinse off with water.

I do think the addition of the aloe vera makes this a very different clay mask to use. Most clay masks can be deep cleansing, but really dry out skin after - this mask does not dry out the skin at all, which is really great for a clay mask! Clay masks tend to be a little more difficult to rinse off. This one did take a few rinses, but was not too hard to rinse off. 

Mask Wednesday - Vichy Mineral Masks

Vichy also recommends that these masks can be used in multi-masking! As these are each 5 minute masks, this is a great way to use specific masks to target specific skin areas all at the same time! 

I have been really happy with Vichy new mask line - will you be trying these? 

*PR samples included - all opinions are my own


  1. These look awesome! Now I really want to try them!

  2. These sound amazing, will need to look out for them, I love masks but they can be so time consuming so it's handy these work in five minutes!

    1. I agree! Sometimes 5 minutes is all you have, which is why these are great!