Friday, July 3, 2015

June 2015 Empties!

Time for another Monthly Empties!! I was a little worried that after how many empties I had last month that I wouldn't have any this month - I surprisingly made it through quite a few products! 

I loved watching empties videos & reading blog posts - so I am jumping on the empties bandwagon (I did my first one last month!). 

(Also, just as a note I will only be showing empties of make-up, skincare, body and hair products - the rest you don't need to see! I won't be showing any sheet masks here either because I review my whole Month in Masks in a separate post, but I will include masks in packages that I have finished!)

Let's get right in:

To Go Spa Coconut Eyes ~ pack of 3 for $12.50. Hydrate, Nourish, Soothe and Moisturize your under eyes leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated.

I have featured these on a few masks posts - I really like the gel eye masks! I received these in the old "Indulge Me" box and I am sad to be done them - when my stock of eye masks gets lower, I will repurchase these! 

Viicode sent me their O2M Oxygen Mask - Eye Mask For All Night ~ $55 for 6 treatments. This mask works to make the skin around your eyes firm and smooth, thus eliminating wrinkles and lightening dark circles by strengthening and healing the skin.

I was really happy when an eye mask company reached out to me - these products were so different. You where them overnight and I loved putting them on for a Sunday night so I look bright and refreshed for Monday morning! These are quite pricey though, so likely I will not repurchase. (you can see the full review here if you are interested!)

Lush Fresh Face Mask "Love Lettuce" ~ $9.95. Love Lettuce is our exfoliating ground almond mask that scoops up dirt, oil and debris and washes it all away. Exfoliation is an important part of good skincare, as it removes the buildup of dead skin that can clog your pores and cause impurities. Love Lettuce is a great example of how just a few ingredients can make a fresh, effective product for the skin. We blend calming French lavender oil with seaweed and honey to nourish and soften skin, and to balance oily T-zones.

I love Lush Fresh masks - they are so good! This one was featured a few times - for the full review you can go here. The only downside is because the ingredients are so fresh, you have to use the masks up rather quickly. I will repurchase this again - it was very exfoliating. 

Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask - Q10 Essence ~ $3.90. Has properties of moisturizing, purifing pores, balancing oil and water, strengthen skin, making the skin elastic and dynamic.

So $4 for 1 use is usually a bit more than I want to spend on a mask, but these macarons were so cute, I couldn't resist! I really enjoyed this mask and it made my skin feel great; although, it was a bit hard to rinse off. I will likely purchase these again, but first I have a few other kinds to try! (If you want to read the full review, you can go here).

Julep Bare Body Milk ~ $24. An ultra hydrating body lotion for thirsty skin. The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula leaves a soft, silky finish that’s not heavy or greasy, and our signature Beach Tonic fragrance lets you smell like summer all year long.

I actually received this in the July 2014 Julep Maven Box (I have a lot of lotions to get through). I really liked this lotion - it smelled great, it went on nice and smooth, it was not greasy at all and it lasted all day. Sadly, I won't spend $24 on it! It is great otherwise! 

Dove go fresh Burst Beauty Body Wash - Nectarine & White Ginger ~ $2.99. Drench your skin in fresh moisture with a burst of juicy goodness in the luscious scent of sun-kissed nectarine & white ginger. Dove go fresh burst body wash now infused with our unique NutriumMoisture technology that effectively nourishes skin.

I think it takes me forever to go through body washes because I usually have 2 or 3 on the go at all times - this was good. It smelled nice and was soft! I have 20 body washes to get through before I think of repurchasing any, but I likely will buy dove body wash again. 

Whipped Shea Moisturizer ~ $9.50. This decadent, all natural moisturizer will help banish that dry winter skin! 

I got this in the March Bath Time Box and really liked it! The whipped texture feels amazing and the scent was really good. This does leave a bit of an oily residue that you can pat off or wait a few minutes to absorb in to the skin. 

Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Body Balm ~ sample size 25 ml for $4.83 (full size is 150 ml for $29). Part skincare, part aromatherapy, this lush cream nourishes the skin and calms the mind.

I received this is the March Birchbox. This wasn't a huge sample and I like to use a lot of lotion so I didn't get very many uses out of it. It was nice and smooth, but I would not pay $29 for it. 

Lid Care Eyelid Eyelid Cleanser & Eye Makeup Remover ~ $9.45 for 30. Lid-Care is a gentle cleanser designed for use as a daily eyelid hygiene product. Its non-irritating formula forms a microbubble foam to remove cosmetics, accumulated oils and debris from the eyelids and eyelashes.

I have mentioned that I have been having some eye-trouble, and these are an over the counter lid cleanser. I thought they would be good for unclogging pores around my eyes and making sure they are squeaky clean - they have worked well and I plan on repurchasing! 

H2O plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel ~ sample size 8 ml for $1.13 (full size 169 ml for $24). This oil-free cleanser foams away makeup and impurities while soothing the skin.

I received this is the July 2014 Beauty Box 5 - this sample is very small and I only got 2 uses out of this. That being said, I really liked the formula as it was nice and gelly and felt great on my skin! It is a product I may reconsider purchasing, but it was hard to tell how good it would be from only 2 washes - I am undecided! 

Pur~lisse Pur~protect spf 30 daily moisturizer ~ sample size 15ml for $16.50 (full size is 50 ml for $55). Stay protected with pure flower power. Our unique peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5, and Hydra-Shield Complex boasts superior full-spectrum sun protection in a light-weight nourishing moisturizer. Skin is pampered and protected against premature aging caused by the day's rays.

This pur-lisse product was everywhere last year (I received a sample in Ipsy and Beauty Box 5 and got a full size one in FabFitFun!) It was a decent moisturizer and I liked that it had SPF - it was non-irritating and did not clog my pores which was good! I still actually am using the full size one now, but I'm not sure I would repurchase this - it is a good product, it's just not my favorite spf moisturizer. 

Biore Nose Strip x2 ~ box of 14 for $12. Instantly Remove Pore-Clogging Dirt, Oil And Blackheads Cleans Weeks Of Dirt Buildup In Just 10 Minutes Have An Innovative Slit Design For Improved Fit Contains 7 Face And 7 Nose Strips Hypo-Allergenic And Oil-Free.

I featured these last month too - I like using them about once every 2 weeks for a deep clean - nothing special but they do the trick! 

Juice Beauty - Stem Cellular Moisturizer ~ sample size 0.26 oz for $9.94 (full size is 1.7 oz for $65). Moisturize with a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells infused into a Vitamin C, resveratrol-rich grapeseed formula to aggressively firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Certified organic, antioxidant-rich ingredients and plant oils hydrate and improve elasticity for lasting, advanced age defy results.

I received this in the December Beauty Box 5 and I really liked it. It is organic and full of good ingredients. I see why it is highly reviewed! It is a consideration to repurchase - one of the skincare products I do not mind splurging on is a good face moisturizer! 

Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream ~ 15 ml for $12.60. This is a gentle moisture-rich facial cream formulated specifically to soothe and repair damaged skin and to prevent any further stimulation or damage with a protective moisture barrier. deeply replenish and nourish your skin this cold season!

I love this moisturizer - this came with 3 samples in a Memebox! This is the first 1 I used up, and I have 1 left (I gave the 3rd away as a giveaway). It last forever and a little of this product goes a long way! I am happy I still have a second bottle - this is a great night time moisturizer and makes skin very smooth. 

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream ~ sample size 0.34 oz for $17 (full size is 1.7 oz for $85) . Leaves skin soft and hydrated while helping to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. It contains the finest Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish to improve firmness of the skin.

This came in the August 2014 GlossyBox (at that time I did a swap as Glossybox was not shipping to Canada yet). It is weird how much I like and dislike this product. It is a great moisturizer - it made my skin feel very soft and smooth; but, it smelled so bad. It was so perfume-y and like old lady perfume, I could hardly handle finishing it. It would be a great product if it were unscented. 

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack ~ sample size $2. This sleeping pack soothes skin troubles when our skin is revitalized on overnight.

How cute is this little baby apple?! I'm in love - I bought 3 of these little gems on ebay for $2 a piece and this was the first one I used! It actually had a fair bit of product in it, and I find you do not need very much of a sleeping pack (a little goes a long way) so this lasted quite a bit! I really liked this and will buy it full size (eventually!).

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Eye Gel ~ sample size 5 ml for $16 (full size is 15ml for $48). This luxurious eye gel instantly brightens as it fights the signs of stress and fatigue around the eyes. Reinforces skin in the delicate eye area to reduce the look of existing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

I received this in my October Topbox and I since I really liked the moisturizer and serum from this line, I thought I would like this too - not the case. I didn't find this eye cream did much (I don't get terrible bags or have a ton of lines), but it did not mask or fix anything. I found myself trying to use extra product at the end just to get it over with. 

Soy BIO+ Fermented Lumpoule ~ 5 ml for $12.43 (full size is 14 for $174). "Lumpoule" is a combination of two words - 'lump' and 'ampoule' - and is basically a facial ampoule made from 100% Korean fermented soy bean lump. It'll work to prevent formation of fine lines and wrinkles and also brighten up the overall complexion. 

This product is great - it was highly reviewed when I received it in a Memebox and I was excited to try it! I add a drop or 2 to my serum in the morning and it just adds a hint of brightness to the skin! I love it - I am happy I still have a 2nd bottle to go through because it is so expensive! It does last quite a while! 

The Face Shop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum ~ samples x2 - full size is $15.99. Young leaves green tea extracts offer moisture refreshingly. Serum that creates moisturizing skin without stickiness as soon as applied with full of moisture like water drop.  
I really liked this serum - these samples are really small but I was happy with how it felt on my skin - I am looking for a new day serum and I think I am going to repurchase this one! 

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Emulsion ~ sample - full size is $13.22. Tomato Whitening Emulsion is packed with fresh tomato extracts which contains a variety of natural organic acids, vitamins and minerals to clear and clarify dark skin.

It is hard to judge a whitening product on 1 small sample, so I can't speak to that; but, I did like the formula of this emulsion. I would like to try a bit more before I think about a repurchase. 

Skin Food Water Berry Emulsion ~ sample (full size $18.76). Include "Berry Extract" and "Hyarulonic Acid Salts". This emulsion will make the skin moist. [Hyarulonic Acid] It is absorbed 1000 times water of own weight. How to use Using a cotton pad or palm, apply liberally onto the face in gentle upward and outward motions.

This emulsion is a bit more scented than I prefer - I showed this on last months empties too as I have a few samples to use up. I will finish what I have, but this is not a repurchase for me. 

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ~ sample size 21.3ml for $3.96 (full size is 156 ml for $29). Check the ingredients. It's a sure bet your current dry shampoo uses aluminum shavings to absorb the oils in your hair. Not amika's. We wanted our Perk Up Dry Shampoo to actually clean your hair, not add more gunk to it. What a novel idea! What's the point of talc when all it does is add white residue to your hair? We don't know either. So we took it out! Perk Up uses natural rice starch to absorb excess oil and dirt without leaving the residue behind.

I received this product in a few subscription last year. It is not my favorite dry shampoo (I featured this on last month's empties as well) and I went out and purchased a different brand. It is fine, just not my favorite. 

Dior Diorshow Mascara ~ sample size (full size is $32). A renewed version of the classic, professional Dior Backstage mascara featuring a formula enriched with microfibers. 

I got this as a free sample with a past sephora order - it is quite small. I do have to say, I like the brush - it was nice and fluffy. I found the formula a little too liquid-y for me and it made my lashes stick together (which may be one of my biggest pet peeves) - I just prefer a drier mascara formula. This is not a repurchase.

Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara ~ sample size (full size is $37). A four-in-one mascara that creates intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.

I also received this as a free sample from a Sephora order - it is very small and only lasted a couple of times. This brush and formula both were not for me - it did not give any thickeness to the lashes, so it is not a repurchase.

Kiss Nail Art Polish - White ~ $4.25 each. 

Wow - I will rarely feature nail polish on here as they last forever, but this nail art polish is done! I will repurchase (hopefully I can find this brand as I really like the formula and the brush!)

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower ~ Macadamia Oil Hand Cream ~ full size $5.99. Dry, chafed skin magically vanishes when a tried and true potion of macadamia nut oil, sesame seed oil and wheat germ oil starts to mollycoddle your needy skin.

I know this is weird I don't have a picture; but, at a work party a co-worker took it from me, used the last of it and threw it out - lol I wasn't about to grab it and explain that I blog about my empties first! I loved this lotion and have made orders from Barefoot Venus already to try different scents!! I received this in the August 2014 Topbox. 

Creamsicle Loofah Soap ~ $9.50. Our glycerin soap with a delightful surprise inside; an all natural loofah slice, and then topped with our super nourishing Shea Butter soap.

I have been loving the soaps I have received from Bath Time Box and this one smelled so good!! This was came in the May box and is not currently available on the website. This one was really cool because it had a natural loofah inside so it was exfoliating too! I always rave about these soaps and put in a big order for different kinds! 

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb ~ $6.95. Our bold green Avobath Bath Bomb is not for lazy days lying back in the tub. On the contrary, it’s for gray days and mornings (afternoons and evenings too), when you just can’t shake your brain fog. Pop one into your bath for an instant jolt of invigorating, lemongrass-scented energy and fizz. Splash about in the shimmery green waters and let the fresh avocados and olive oil soften you up and leave you with softer, supple skin, as well as a brighter outlook. Next time you need a zesty refresher; all you need to do is Avobath.

I received a Lush set from one of my bridesmaids for my shower and I went home and used it immediately!!! I think of bath bombs as more relaxing instead of invigorating, but this was good! Of course, I will repurchase Lush bath bombs!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" ~ $4.71. Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear offers extreme strength and shine. Match your manicure to your mood with fun, trendy shades. Easy grip, easy glide brush designed for complete control.

I love Sally Hansen nail polishes - I stock up every time my Superstore/Walmart has a sale on these for $2! The have a great formula and are so affordable - I will buy this color again! (I have to right away!)

In June I used 32 products - felt really awesome to get through that many products! I enjoy doing these posts and noting what I loved and what I will pass on! 


  1. Thanks for all of the great info. It's nice to have reviews of such a variety of products. I love Lush products and have to go there soon. I think the Bath Time subscription sounds great and I want to try the Barefoot goddess lotion the bottle is cool. I am not sure if you read Vanity Fair. There was a great page about Korean beauty/skin care - July I think (the one with Caitlan Jenner).

    1. Thanks Brenda - glad you like this post! I know I tend to review a lot of the same products, so I love doing this empties post as well!! I love Lush and Bath Time Box - both are such amazing treats!!
      I haven't read that one yet - but I have a few friends who read Vanity Fair, so I will check it out! Thanks!!