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Summer 2015 FabFitFun - Quarterly Lifestyle Box Review

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box! For $57.99 Canadian ($49.99 in the U.S.A.)  at the start of each season, they guarantee you will receive at least $100 worth of items. (Generally the box has over $200 worth of goodies in it).  

FabFitFun has been shipping to Canada for 1 year now and I have been very happy with the FabFitFun boxes - this is one of my favorite subscriptions!

*This box was supposed to ship in June (it did for American subscribers) and this was the email Canadian subscribers were sent:

We just wanted to reach out with an update about your Summer Box. Unfortunately we've met some unexpected roadblocks in regards to Canadian shipping. One of the very cool items in the box could not be flown across the border, so we've had to make other arrangements with a new shipping provider, who will get your package to you by ground. 

Your Summer 2015 Box will be shipped out next week, you can expect to have tracking for your package no later than Wednesday 7/8. We are extremely sorry for this delay and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 

In order to make this up to you we will be including something special in your Fall 2015 Box and hope it can bring a smile to your face.

I find it a little frustrating that they did not think about this prior to sending the boxes, but I was excited to see my box finally arrive!! 

Here is a look at the Summer 2015 FabFitFun Box:

Looks like a good variety of product ! FabFitFun always includes a very detailed product card:

The problem with my box is I can tell right away the perfume spilled - the smell is super strong and one of the boxes inside is soaked with it. I have emailed FabFitFun to see if they will replace the damaged items. Here is a closer look at the products that were included:

The Everyday Wireless Speaker by Fabfitfun ~ $29.99. A perfectly portable, wireless speaker to play all of our summer jams on? Sounds like music to our ears! We're super excited to announce that the FabFitFun team has created our dream speaker with wireless pairing up to 30 feet, a latch for on-the-go sound, an FM radio, and even a hands speaker phone.

These little portable speakers are awesome! I have been looking in to buying one, but haven't yet so this is perfect! 

Fabfitfun x Cosmobody Jump Rope ~ $14. FFF will make ya - jump jump! Did you know that you can burn 150 calories in a 10 minute session of jumping rope?! We've partnered with CosmoBody, the amazing new workout site from Cosmopolitan Magazine, to bring you the perfect jump rope paired with workout videos you can find at So skip the treadmill and start skipping rope! 

I think this is great! We only have 2 jump ropes for 3 of us to jump rope together (we all do it as a workout) so it is awesome we can each have our own now!  

Inkling Scents Roll-on Perfume "Sultry" ~ $25. Wearing this smooth fragrance is an exercise in seduction. The base is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. The blend is provocative, but clean – like naked skin. This mix is deep and rich enough to leave you purring with pleasure.

Well this scent appeared super strong because it was everywhere - but I didn't mind the smell. I will likely use this! 

Gorge* I'll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray ~ $24.95. Forget everything you’ve tried before, I’ll make you look amazing will smooth your hair, eliminate frizz, restore incredible shine and enhance your natural body. It is the best nourishing treatment you can find and will leave your hair soft and bouncy, ready to be styled any way you want. It works with all hair types to bring out it’s natural luster and makes hair more manageable, stronger and healthier with every use. It’s a no fuss instant restoration and conditioning treatment that delivers amazing results.

I can say I have never used as many hair products as I have since I started getting subscription boxes; but, I have founds some products I really like. This leave in conditioner looks very highly reviewed and I am torn between trying it or giving it away!!! I have a ton of products to use up before I would get to this one! 

Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge ~ $12. Keep your skin soft and glowing with a secret remedy from Korea! The Konjac sponge has been used by Koream women to gently exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse pores. Made from konjac vegetable fibers, the pillow-soft sponge is an all-natural way to restore the skin and balance your face's pH level.

It's weird to me this brand can't be found online - but I am really excited to get one of these sponges!!! I have seen them reviewed and talked about on blogs quite a bit! I have been considering buying one for myself so I am happy to see this! 

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer "Aloe Smooth" ~ sponsored item $7.99. Moisturizes in seconds; so you can put your clothes right on. Skin will feel instantly soft not sticky or greasy. Sprays on quickly and evenly. For healthy fresh skin with pure aloe.

This is the monthly sponsored item and I like that this is a full size item. I do think this was the item that caused the shipping problems to Canada - aerosol cans do not ship easily over the border. I will use this - I have a lot lotions to use but I'm sure this will be good. 

Scratch Nail Wraps ~ $12. That's a wrap! Time to toss your old nail polish and start from Scratch! Scratch collaborates with with artists to make unique nail wrap designs screenprinted on a thin adhesive. Made with 5-free polish inks, these babies last like real nail polish and are sure to help you nail your mani this season.

If you guys are regulars here then you know how much I love Scratch nail wraps! These are by far my favorite brand of wraps! They go on so easily and remove with polish like regular nail polish - I like this design as well. 

Tarte LipSurgence Lipgloss in "Natural Beauty" ~ $19. Inspired by tarte’s award-winning lip tints, this glossy addition to the LipSurgence™ family will perfect your pout with a brightening pop of color and lasting shine.

I think it is quite weird that my lipgloss did not come in a box (I also saw the review of another Canadian blogger who didn't receive a box) but the American subscribers received a box for theirs! It just seems weird as it doesn't have a seal or anything on it so a box would have been preferable! Natural Beauty is described as a sheer shimmering red - the color is quite pretty and it is on the sheer side (I don't normally wear reds but I don't mind this). I did find the formula a little sticky. 
Here is a look at what it looks like on:

I has a good color, but it will need a base because it stuck around the outer edge of my lips. 

Wren x FFF Gold Horseshoe Charm Necklace ~ $100. What is a perfect outfit without a perfect piece of jewelry to match? Our charm necklaces get a golden dip and a black sapphire to compliment the feminine simplicity of the overall look. Wear it day or night and watch this charm necklace become a part of your daily outfits.

There was a couple of different options of this necklace, and the horseshoe isn't my favorite. It is quite pretty though, and I like that it is adjustable! I'm undecided if I should keep this or gift it! 

Headspace 3 month subscription ~ $38.85. If you've been running around and the world is spinning a little too fast, maybe you just need some space. Headspace, that is. This app take you through a series of life-changing, guided meditations when you want, wherever you are. It's a must-have for A-list celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson, and now YOU. Just a quick sesh at your desk can change your mindset and make your day. 

The nice thing about this card is that it does not require any credit card info (I dislike when they give you a free three months but you enter all your info and then have to remember to cancel!). I'm not sure if this is really for me, but since I have it, I might as well try it! 

Altogether, FabFitFun valued this box at $275.79 - this box had a great value! I'm not sure if every item is for me, but for the most part I will use everything!!! 

What did you think of the Summer FabFitFun box?

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