Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Poplar Grove Sryah + Aritaum Morus Bark Sheet Mask)

Time for another Wine + Mask Wednesday!! This week's theme is going to be "wood" (bear with me, sometimes my themes are really easy and sometimes I have to work hard to find something - that's why this week's is a little silly!)

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Poplar Grove 2010 Syrah ~ $34.90. Deep purple colour with dark chocolate aromas that mingle with maraschino cherry and earthy aromas in the glass. The first sip is bright with ripe cherry and blackberry fruit. Vanilla and black pepper notes come through on the finish. Soft, rich tannins build on the Syrah's classic meatiness and the Okanagan's signature sage brush adds a local herbaceous note to the layers of flavour.

Poplar Grove is a beautiful winery located in Penticton, B.C. - it is on the road to the Naramata Bench, if you are familiar with the area. 

This wine is 96% Sryah and 4% Viogner - the 2010 growing season was particularly difficult growing season and a lot less Sryrah grapes were produced as a result, so there was not as much of this year's wine. This wine was aged in French Oak Barrels (haha, clever - here is the wood) for 18 months prior to release, and will age nicely on the shelf up to 10 years. 

Generally I am not a big fan of dark red wines - I tend to stick to whites or lighter reds. My fiance is a dark red wine drinker, so can you tell I let him pick the wine this evening? This is quite rich and very flavourful! It was good, and if you are a Syrah drinker, you would enjoy it! 

Now, trying to stick to my theme, here is what I paired with my wine:

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mask - Morus Bark ~ $3 (set of 7 for $21). Morus bark consist of excellent properties to enhance whitening effect, removing impurities and residual rough skin. 

I did some research on Morus Bark (wood - see my theme? sorry...) and it appears to be used in traditional Chinese medicine for it's anti-aging properties as well! 

I just received this in my June Mask Genie pouch and was looking forward to trying it! I'm not going to lie I love the weird ingredients! 

This mask is easy to use: wash face, tone skin, and apply mask, leave on for 20 minutes, remove, pat in essence, and complete skincare routine. 

The mask came very well soaked in essence, and did not have extra essence in the package. I was a little worried this mask might smell weird given the bark ingredient; however, it had no scent to it which was nice. The mask had a bit of essence left over to pat in to my skin after 20 minutes, and this made my skin feel great!! My face was very soft and looked smoother! 

My problem with this mask was the fit! It was quite a big sheet mask and did not have any tabs to allow the mask to fit the face better. You can see, I had to bunch a bit up on my chin to allow the mask to fit my face. If this mask fit nicer, I would say it is a re-purchase, but I just can't buy something that doesn't fit very well! I would like to look for a different brand of Morus Bark mask instead! 

What did you guys do for Wine + Mask Wednesday?

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