Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mask Genie Limited Edition Pouch - 10 Days in the Wild Review

I was super excited a while back to host a contest for the Mask Genie 10 Days in the Wild pouch - but I had not had the pouch myself and so I entered a few other blogger contests to try and win one too!! I hope no one thinks I am cheating but I truly love face masks and wanted to try them out! I can't believe I actually won - I love animal masks and was so excited to try these!! 

First if you don't know about the Mask Genie subscription service:

Mask Genie offers 2 different pouches
  • 5 masks for $12
  • 10 masks for $22
The price for each pouch includes worldwide shipping! (the service has been up and running since January, and you can see my past reviews here)

Once in a while, Mask Genie releases a special edition pouch and prices are based on the masks featured! The 10 Days in the Wild pouch features 10 masks and was $34 shipped world wide.

Here is a look at the limited edition "10 Days in the Wild" pouch:

Mask Genie pouches always comes in an organza pouch! Mask Genie does not included a product card, but does do "unboxing" videos explaining all the masks featured on her youtube channel. 

Ahhh - I love all of them!!! So cute, I am very excited! Here is a closer look at the masks included:

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask ~ $2.50 (pack of 10 for $25). *To buy all the SNP masks individually they are $6 - this is the bulk price.* Coconut water and moisture energy ampoule reduce wrinkles and improve resilience. Makes rough skin caused by dryness smooth. Reinforces luster to dry and lifeless skin.

I have tried this mask before - you can see my review about it here

SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask ~ $2.50 (pack of 10 for $25). By replenishing moisture energy to dry skin lacking hydration the aqua mask makes skin soft and smooth. It contains coconut water, hyaluronic acid, and trehalose to supply lacking moisture and balance skin.

I have tried this one too!! I really liked it - it was very hydrating! I didn't do a huge review, but I talked about on my Month of Mask feature here

SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask ~ $2.50 (10 masks for $25). Coconut water and whitening energy ampoule helps whiten skin and brighten and clarify skin tone. Immediate hydration and improved synergy effect. Skin moisture increase.

This is the only SNP animal mask I haven't tried yet! I am excited to try it! 

SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask ~ $2.50 (10 masks for $25). Coconut water and AC - Soothing Energy Ampoule control the oil and moisture balance in skin to keep skin at optimal conditions. Relieves irritated skin and suppresses excessive sebum to make skin healthy. Reinforces skin immunity to protect skin from the external environment.

I have tried this mask as well and this one photographs so well - the colors are awesome! I reviewed on my Month in Masks post here

Royal Skin The Animalian Mask "Sheep" ~ $3.37 (3000 won). Cute animal-character mask sheet for moist and vitalized skin.

A sheep!! So cute!! These look fun - reviews look good on this and it sounds moisturizing! 

Royal Skin The Animalian Mask "Fox" ~ $3.47 (3000 won). Cute animal-character mask sheet for moist and vitalized skin.

I'm not sure that the animalian masks have different ingredients - it sounds like each animal is the same! I love the fox - I can't wait to wear this!! 

Berrisom Animal Mask "Cat" ~ $3.41 (set of 7 for $23.88). Elasticity care (Collagen).

Mask Genie explained that she actually did not want to include the cat mask in this pouch because it's not really a wild animal - I'm happy it's here as I love cats!! The Berrisom masks even have ears on them!! 

Berrisom Animal Mask "Monkey" ~ $3.41 (set of 7 for $23.88). Nutrition + Elasticity care (Snail).

All I can picture is how cute this mask is going to look with it's little monkey ears!! I can't wait to wear it! 

Berrisom Animal Mask "Racoon" ~ $3.41 (set of 7 for $23.88). Anti-Wrinkles (Placenta + Adenosine).

So I checked and this is plant placenta, not actual placenta and therefore, I will wear it! Again, I am excited to try this mask - I love the idea of running around my house looking like an animal! 

Luxury Soo Anti-Wrinkle Eye-Mask "Cat" ~ $1.88 (set of 10 for $18.75). It helps reduce dark circles , repair damaged and aging skin.

I think most of the pouches had the penguin one, but they honestly look the exact same! So cute! I love these little eye masks!! 

For $34, this pouch came out to around the same value - remember when I price masks on here I generally get a bulk price, but most people buy them individually which would make the price higher than what I have on this page! (just a thought when looking at the overall value as it is usually a fair bit more to buy just 1)

This limited edition pouch is now sold old - but if you are interested in signing up for Mask Genie's monthly Mask Pouch, you can go here! 

What do you guys think about this pouch?

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