Friday, July 24, 2015

July 2015 Bath Time Box Review

This box has been provided for an honest review - all opinions are my own!!

Bath Time Box is a newer Canadian subscription box (started right here in Alberta - yay!!!) - the first box shipped in February. Bath Time Box focuses on products to help you rediscover bath time - I love baths so this box is right up my alley! This is the fifth box, February was the very first box! 

Bath Time Box is described as: 

"Designed and curated with the Bath lover in mind, each Bath Time Box contains 5 full and deluxe sample sized bath products carefully chosen to take your bath time to the next level.  Each box is carefully chosen with a focus on Natural and Handcrafted products. 

Delivered to you monthly, each box will hold an assortment of luxurious milk baths, scintillating bubble baths, invigorating scrubs, nourishing lotions and so much more."

Bath Time Box is $29.00 monthly + free shipping. (If you sign up for 3 months, it is $85, and 12 months is $335 + free shipping).

Also, if you are interested in purchasing items that you see in box, you can go the Bath Time Box store: (I have made purchases for extra soap because they are all sooo good!)

Here is a look at the July 2015 Bath Time Box:
This month Bath Time Box has changed their boxes - they are a fair bit smaller! To me this makes sense to save money in the shipping department! The last few month's boxes were quite big, I know shipping with Canada Post is so expensive! So good move on their part - these boxes are still a very good size and would easily fit 5 bath products! 
First thoughts - how gorgeous is that soap?! And, I say it every month - I am always impressed by the variety in each box as well as month to month! For a "niche" box, you would never get bored with the variety - in fact I look forward to seeing what kind of awesome handmade goodies I will see every month!!

In addition to the new box size this month, last month Bath Time Box updated their product card to have more product information and details!

Here is a closer look at all the products in this month's box:

The 15 Minute Bath Bomb in Margarita ~ $5.50. This is the bomb diggity of bath bombs! Our time trials showed over 15 minutes of foaming action. And the scent throw is amazing. But that's not all! This bomb takes it to the next level with the addition of skin loving colloidal oatmeal, sweet almond oil and kaolin clay. Try to resist the urge for a frozen drink after a soak with this bomb. 

I could smell this as soon as I opened the box and it smells absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to use it - I think I am going to have a bath tonight and try it out! Seriously, so good! I wish you could smell it through the computer screen! 

Coconut Lime Bars - Cold Process Soap ~ $7.50. This beauty of a soap is made with skin loving coconut water, mango butter and all of our usual skin loving oils. So silky soft in the shower!

Have I mentioned yet how in love I am with Bath Time Box soaps?! They have made me so spoiled - I will no longer use anything but handmade soaps! The cold pressed soaps look amazing:

This smells so good and looks amazing! I can't wait to use - all of these soaps have been great, so I have no doubt that this will be great as well. 

Oats, Milk & Honey Lotion ~ $10.50. A lotion that passes our snap test! Rub some of this delicious lotion and give your fingers a snap! So lightweight yet moisturizing that we had to ship a large 4 oz bottle! And did I mention that it has super skin loving honey in it? This is really the oh-la-la of lotions, 

This lotion is great - smells and feels great! Here is a look at the consistency:

It felt good - no sticky or oily feeling and was moisturizing! 

Rose & Aloe Toner ~ $7.50. Oh how we love Rose Water on our summer kissed skin. Combine that with the super soothing Aloe and Vitamin E and you have a gentle, alcohol free toner that tightens and soothes at the same time. This unscented toner is suitable for application on sunburned skin as well as the freshly cleansed face. 

I love that this box included a toner, and I am pleases it is alcohol free! Here is a look at the consistency:

I used this last night and was happy with the results! It is non-drying and unscented - I really like this! 

Sparkling Faces Oil Cleanser ~ $7.50. I'm sure you have all heard the rave reviews and run down on the benefits of oil cleansing - we can certainly attest to them! Our cleanser takes the benefits of coconut and olive oil and combines them with kaolin clay to provide a wonderful, gentle exfoliating experience. The addition of lavender and lemon essential oils helps to calm and sooth your skin. Rub it in for two to three minutes, and then remove with a warm cloth. Follow with our Rose & Aloe Toner. 

Another product I am super excited to see in this box!! I love oil cleansers and I use them nightly when I double cleanse - if you are interested in this process, you can see the full post on double cleansing here. Here is look at the cleanser:

This is the consistency as it comes out of the container, and then you rub it is:

This oil cleanser is great and I am excited to use it! 

For $29, this box came with 5 items and a total value of $38.50. This is a good value and is around the value of all the boxes. This box is less about having a huge value and more about finding amazing bat products - especially if you love handmade products (which I do!!)

I love that their is always a great variety of products in each box, as well as month to month there is a huge variety! I feel like this will be a good "treat" box for yourself - or really a great gift box for someone who could use a little me time!

You can view my past Bath Time Box reviews here.

Have you tried Bath Time Box yet? What do you think of the products in this months box?


  1. I always look forward to your Bath Time Box reviews. :)