Friday, June 28, 2024

Five on Friday - June 28, 2024 ~ This Summer Will Be Different Book Review, Carley Fortune Book Event, June Month of Vegetarian/Pescatarian Meals, Olay Sample, and Perfect Match

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a great week! 


I purchased everything in this post

I love bringing in new book review and This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune was fantastic! 4.5 stars - this was such fun Summer romance! This is the third Carley Fortune book I've read and they just keep getting better and better! This had an amazing PEI setting and it makes me want to go back for sure. The premise is that our main character has a worldwind night on the island, until she finds out it was her best friend's brother and now she's trying to stay away - their tension is amazing and the friendships are so great. Our best friends are keeping some secrets from each other and that part was a little tough, but it adds to the layers of this book!


Also, last weekend Wordfest Calgary hosted an event with Carley Fortune - we all got our books signed and almost our whole book club went together! It was so much fun! 


It's been two and a half years since I went vegetarian and I've been enjoying sharing my veggie meals. I hope that you guys have been enjoying seeing all the recipes and veggie meal ideas! I'm not preachy about going vegetarian, but I do think everyone should reduce their meat consumption, so even if one day a week you want to do meatless Monday, hoping you will find some good suggestions! Also, I'm also going to include some of my eating out meals instead of just cooked for a little more inspiration if you are looking to eat vegetarian while out! 

(Also, this month there are a few pescatarian meals in here as I eat fish and seafood once in a while!)

I also have codes for $90 off a GoodFood box so leave me your email if you are interested! (A ton of these meals were from them this month, not sponsored, just busy and loving these!)


I got a little sample of these new Water Activated Daily Facial Cleanser - these are a little pack of 4 cloths that you wet and then wash your face. I feel like these would be perfect for Summer travel! 


Have you been watching Perfect Match?! Ah such a trashy show, but I love it! It's perfect Summer watching! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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