Friday, June 7, 2024

Five on Friday - June 5, 2024 ~ Funny Story Book Review, Month of Vegetarian/Pescatarian Meals, June Most Anticipated Books, Baby Goose Rescue, and Sweat Lodge

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a good week! 


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I love when I can bring a 5 star book review - and this is a fantastic adult romance! We meet Daphne and Miles as they've moved in together - their ex-fiances have decided to get with each other and left them. We enter in to a sort of revenge, fake dating romance plot, which may be favourite niche romance trope since this was a delight! I love that Emily Henry gives us more than romance, we have friend and family dynamics with work and self-discovery with a good romance plot thrown in and I truly like that in her stories! I really enjoyed this one!


It's been over two years that I went vegetarian and I've been enjoying sharing my veggie meals. I hope that you guys have been enjoying seeing all the recipes and veggie meal ideas! I'm not preachy about going vegetarian, but I do think everyone should reduce their meat consumption, so even if one day a week you want to do meatless Monday, hoping you will find some good suggestions! Also, I'm also going to include some of my eating out meals instead of just cooked for a little more inspiration if you are looking to eat vegetarian while out! 

This month was a little difficult as I was travelling a lot, so we had a lot on the go, but made it work! 

(Also, this month there are a few pescatarian meals in here as I eat fish and seafood once in a while!)

I also have codes for $90 off a GoodFood box so leave me your email if you are interested!  


I love to keep track of my Most Anticipated Books coming out each month - May has so many good books coming out and I can't wait to read them all!


This week at work we had to rescue our baby geese - we have a mom goose who comes in our secure yard every year, so we have to go in and capture her and the babies so they can get to water and survive! 


I was also lucky enough to be able to participate in a sweat lodge this week at work too - our elder is offering support for staff as well and it was amazing! Always a fantastic experience to be exposed to culture and I loved it! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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