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January 2024 Ipsy Glambag Unboxing

It's been a long time since I've gotten I've gotten an Ipsy subscription, but I tried it once last year and wanted to see if I wanted to keep up the subscription - chances are probably not, but I thought I'd share what I got in this month's bag! 

The January 2024 Theme is Glow Your Soul and described as "Featuring a new, unique velvet fabric embroidered with iridescent sequins, this month's Glam Bag is here to help you soft launch 2024, thanks to its beautiful design by Joanne Wong. Plus, this purple pouch is packed with all the beauty you need to relax, recharge, and take on anything."

January 2024 Ipsy Glambag Unboxing
I purchased this subscription

The Ipsy Glam Bag is $14 per month + $3.95 shipping to Canada (it worked out to $25.06 CAN with the exchange for the month!) Each month comes with 5 curated products based on your preference quiz and I now you get to pick one of the items that is included in the box. It also gives you access to beauty deals in their shop. 

I did pick a duochrome eyeliner and the other four items were a surprised - here is a look at my January 2024 Ipsy Glam Bag: 

January 2024 Ipsy Glambag Unboxing

YC Collection Island Eyeliner in El Yunque ~ $20.00 US. This waterproof multi-chromatic pencil enhances your eyes with an enchanting transformation of colors, adapting to various lighting environments.

This is a full sized product and I have been excited to try out some multi-chrome eyeliners - I was also able to pick up an extra one in a different shade as an add on for around $5, so for me despite not loving the rest of the items, it would have been about the cost of ordering one of these! I will review these separately at some point! 

WingMe Cosmetics Perfect Eyeshadow Shading Brush ~ $23.00 US. No brush collection is complete without this dense shading brush. Designed to pick up and apply an even coat of color to your lids, it’s essential for everyday eye looks.

This is interesting because this brush isn't available on the companies website - I will take the value with a grain of salt. The do have some eye brushes and some face brushes, but not this one. With that said, it looks like a nice shape and I will happily use it. 

Tarte Shape Tape Radiant Medium Coverage Concealer in 22N Light Neutral ~ $10.00 CAN for a mini product. A medium coverage, radiant concealer for an effortless ‘no-makeup-makeup’ finish that won’t hide your freckles or cake your face.

Ipsy is calling this a deluxe mini - this is teeny tiny. Tarte sells a mini in this product and this is half the size. I do think the shade will be perfect for me which is good with coloured products, so I will try this. I didn't love shape tape and radiant might not be great for me, but I will give it a try and see! 

Eloise Beauty Lip Gloss in Cupcake ~ $5.00 CAN for a deluxe mini. This lightweight lip gloss is the perfect pop of pink to top off your look. It’s ultra creamy and richly pigmented, plus the cute mini size means it’s so easy to throw in your bag and take with you everywhere.

This is interesting because again, not a product that you can buy directly from the companies website, but it is available in this same size in some Valentine's sets, so maybe it is a new product?! They do actually have some cute products on their site! I'm not sure I will get around to using this! 

Lucky Chick Daydreams Eyeshadow Palette ~ $20.00 US. The eyeshadow palette of your dreams has arrived! This nine-pan collection features a range of shades and finishes, from neutrals to stunning metallic toppers. Formulated with ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter, each shade is ridiculously creamy and easy to blend.

This is a brand I've never heard of - I do like that they are including an eyeshadow palette, but it's pretty small actually considering the price and the fact that I've never heard of the brand. Also, there has been some online discussion that this actually can't be marketed as an eyeshadow palette because of the particles used in the pressed glitter - they have to warn you it's not eye safe and market it as a basic colour palette. I personally haven't looked that far in to it. It is pretty colours so it's fine. 

Overall, this bag didn't thrill me - my October bag and the Icon box did, but this felt like it quickly reverted to old Ipsy with products I can't find, etc. I'm excited for the eyeliner and tarte is a decent brand, but everything else isn't really a need. 

Do you still get any makeup subscriptions?! 

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