Saturday, January 20, 2024

Five on Saturday - January 20, 2024 ~ Etsy Miniatures, Origami Bookmarks, Elemental Movie, Michaels Finds, and The Conquerer Virtual Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone - I hope you all had a good week! 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

I haven't shared on here much about my new little hobby - miniatures! I'm building a little library slowly, so I have been having so much fun finding cute little shelf decor! I picked up the three little plants from BlingbyTonia and the rest of the little shelf decor and pottery was from MiniatureMakesUK - how amazing are these cat book ends amazing?! 


Okay, last weekend was like -40 all weekend, so we hibernated in the house for the whole weekend, but we needed some things to do and we loved these little bookmark crafts! How adorable are these?! They are so cute - we picked them up at a craft store, but you can check them out on amazon here


We also watched Elemental this weekend and it was so cute! Elliott has seen it before and he loved it - I thought this one was so sweet and amazing! Have you seen it?! I just thought all the elements and main characters were adorable! 


Michaels had a buy one, get one on these silicone molds and I picked them up for Valentine's Day baking! (And, I found a little mini plant for my room too!) All the Spring stuff was so good in Michaels and I picked up a bunch of perler beads too! 


Have you heard of The Conquerer Virtual Challenges?! Okay, I was looking in to virtual races and I came across this - you purchase a specific challenge, set a timeline and then you get an amazing medal when you've finished! So, I signed up for this gorgeous Mother of Dragons challenge - it is 372 km to complete. I will be counting only runs and bikes outside of regular movement, so I'm hoping to do it in 4 months, but gave myself up to 6! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I just got an ID ad for the Conquerer Challenge and was intrigued! Do you actually get a physical medal when you are done?

    1. Yes, once you log everything they will send you the medal that you picked or signed up for!