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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2024 Unboxing

Every year on Boxing Day (or December 26 for you non-Canadians), Beautylish releases the pre-order for their Lucky Bags which ships in January - if you are interested, these sell out quickly on the day of, so make sure your ready on that date! These boxes are $103.00 CAN + shipping and duties (mine worked out to $154.22), but, you are guaranteed at least $200.00 CAN worth of makeup and skincare. They are all totally random, so it is a complete surprise what you get, and I love surprises! Some bags are extra lucky and include gift cards, etc. 

I picked up the regular lucky bag for fair/medium skin. There was also XL lucky bags, Jeffree Star Lucky Bags, and a Buy One Gift One as other options. I'm a total sucker for these mystery boxes - I didn't get one last year, but I always get FOMO so I decided to pick one up this year!

Here is a look at my 2024 Beautylish Lucky Bag:

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2024 Unboxing
I purchased this box - this post contains affiliate links

The lucky bags are inspired by a Japanese New Year tradition and the packaging was inspired by the upcoming Year of the Dragon! It's lovely! I received 7 products in this bag from some great brands! 

Here's a closer look at the products included in this box:

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2024 Unboxing

Natasha Denona Pastel Plexi Glow Highlighter ~ $59.00 CAN. Illuminate your cheeks with this radiant highlighter washed in icy pink, champagne, and mint.

I was secretly hoping for a Natasha Denona palette, but I will take a pretty highlighter! This is actually a triochrome highlighter and it looks pretty. It could be used as a highlighter or an eyeshadow and I'm excited to give this product a try! 

Wayne Goss The Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Amber ~ $77.00 US. An essential eye shadow palette with six shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.

The Amber colour theme is sunset-inspired pinks, browns, and burgundies - I was initially not sure about this, but I did get a really beautiful colour story and I am excited to try this brand out and see how the shadows work for me! 

JillStuart Moonlit Dew Highlighter Bloom Drop in Peach ~ approx. $31.00 CAN. Achieve the ideal look with beautiful skin translucent as if in moonlight. A highlighter with dazzling pearl for shine and definition.

This is a creamy highlighter stick - it's meant for face and eyes and the peach shades is gorgeous! I do have quite a few products like this, so I'm not sure if I'm going to use this one or pass it along! 

Auric Cosmetics Plush Ritual Ceramide Lip Treatment in Haze ~ $45.00 CAN. A luxuriously hydrating lip treatment that enhances lips with a subtle wash of color.

This is a product I'm excited to see in this box - I really love the products that I've tried from Auric and I didn't pick one of these up because their pretty pricey. The shade Haze is described as "luscious, muted plum with a sheer finish" and these feel so luxurious - they even come with a little rose quartz applicator! Cannot wait to try this out! 

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2024 Unboxing

Sonia G Sheer Buffer Brush ~ $84.00 CAN. A stippling brush handcrafted to apply cream bronzer with a lightweight, diffused finish.

Sonia G are very high end brushes so I am excited to use this - I have fallen in love with a couple of cream bronzers over the past year so I am so excited to give this a try with those products! 

R+Co Backbend Workable Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray ~ $47.00 CAN. R+Co Backbend Workable Hold is your styling essential for achieving flexible, touchable hold that allows you to bend and shape your hair effortlessly, giving you the power to create your signature look with ease. When you need a styling product that offers workable hold without stiffness, R+Co Backbend Workable Hold is your trusted companion. This versatile styling product allows you to create and recreate your desired look, providing a pliable hold that enhances your hair's natural movement.

This is an expensive hairspray - it's just not really a product that I really use that often. My hair is usually down flat, or up in a bun for work, so it's something I'm sure I will eventually get to, but not something that I really need. 

Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream ~ $11.00 CAN. A gentle retinol treatment to help soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is always a Good Molecules product in these bags - I have yet to find a retinol product that has worked for me, but I do think it's something I should be incorporating in to my routine, so I am going to give this one a try and see how it is! 

So I spent $150 on this bag and I got $354 CAN worth of products - I do like the products that I received and I will most of them. Too be honest, it's not really something that I need and I think moving forward it's something that I am going to try and convince myself that I don't need. But, I will use these and some I'm really excited about! 

Have you tried these Lucky Bags before?! 

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