Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Lush Halloween 2023 Goodies

I have been trying to slow down on my bath product buying; but, my hubby knows how much I love Lush Halloween and went and picked up some lovely Lush goodies for me and I'm so excited for all of these! 

Lush Halloween 2023 Goodies
I was gifted these by a family member

Lush Ghost in the Dark Soap ~ This skin-friendly ghost keeps your corporeal form in fine physical condition. Citrus-sweet lemongrass and bergamot lift spirits, while fair trade organic cocoa butter moisturizes skin, making it supple and smooth. No need to worry about losing this bar in the bathroom either—it glows in the dark! Scare away dirt, oil and dryness with one multi-tasking sudser.

This is a classic Lush soap but I like the scent of bergamot and citrus together! I'm a huge fan of Lush soap and this is amazing that it glows in the dark! 

Lush Magic Potion Bath Bomb ~ $9.00 CAN. Product inventor Michelle was inspired by childhood forays into the garden to collect flowers, leaves and more to create "magic potions". This sweet floral bath bomb is a nod to imaginations that transform tubs into cauldrons and sticks into wands. Run your bath and drop it in to hear the crackling of real popping candy while mood-boosting dragon fruit powder and the heady scents of ylang ylang and jasmine fill the air. Then sink in and feel like a very good witch as you soak your worries away.

Okay, I love the inspiration behind this - you bet I have chopped up and mixed my share of magical flower potions, so I love this. I also love that there is popping candy and I have a feeling this one is going to be a lot of fun! 

Lush Bonehead Bubble Bar ~ $11.00 CAN. Need a refresh? Clear your head with a soak in relaxing blue waters covered in mountains of fluffy white bubbles. Fine sea salt softens skin while spearmint oil invigorates your senses, so you can emerge from the tub feeling cool, calm and minty-fresh.

I love Lush's Bubble Bars and I love that this is a minty scent - I love the skull look and I'm thinking the mint will be a cooling effect but should be fun! 

Lush Pumpkin Crumble Bubble Bar ~ Carve out some time for self-care this Halloween with a supremely softening bubble bath filled with real pumpkin purée. Fair trade cocoa and shea butters are sandwiched between the two pumpkin halves to leave skin feeling supple, while a host of uplifting citrus essential oils will have you ready for seasonal mischief. Simply crumble under running water and let your bath brew mounds of bubbles thanks to this perfect pumpkin treat.

Again, I love a bubble bar - and I love that this has pumpkin and citrus, because nothing is more quintessentially Fall than pumpkin! I used this already and this lasted three baths for me (probably could have gone four) and honestly the bubbles are huge and last so long! So much fun! 

Lush Ghostie Bath Bomb ~ Who's the Ghostie with the mostie? This little spirit might seem unremarkable, but the moment it hits the water, it unleashes a hauntingly fab experience. Lemongrass, lemon and lime oils magically come together to create an irresistibly fresh citrus scent, while Ghostie crackles with popping candy and flies across the water leaving behind a fizzing rainbow trail.

You think this is just a basic ghost bath bomb, but also I know it's going to be more than that - I love that this is full of popping candy and will make it move all over in the bath, leaving a fun rainbow trail behind it! 

Lush Screaming Banshee Bath Bomb ~ $7.00 CAN. Bathe in the salty tears of the wailing banshee as she froths and foams, crackling with popping candy and turning the water a vibrant shade of blue. Sweet apple powder, grapefruit and almond essential oils create a fresh and fruity aroma to lift your spirits, while fine sea salt leaves skin so soft, you'll be screaming with delight!

This is the cutest stinkin' bath bomb - I love her! And the scents of apple, grapefruit and almond were great! 

Lush Screamo Bath Bomb ~ $8.00 CAN. Wanna scream? Watch your fears fade into frothy, cobalt blue waters with a cheery, cherry scent. Corn starch softens the bath water and your skin, while yang ylang and almond oils create a juicy cherry aroma. Soft, sweetly-scented skin? That's nothing to be afraid of.

I love Ghostface - my favourite iconic Halloween bad guy! I love that they've done a different spin on this guy for the past couple of years! This year it's a bath bomb that has a cherry scent and a blue colouring! Fun and spooky! 

Lush Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb ~ $8.00 CAN. Carve out some me-time with the eerily soothing effects of pumpkin powder and fragrant cinnamon leaf oil. Create a jack-o-lovely bathtime brew with brightly-colored hues for a warming soak with a citrusy kick that’ll make any day feel like a treat. And although this is one pumpkin that doesn't light up, we promise it's still lit.

A perfectly classic pumpkin bath bomb - I love this one, again something classic for Fall to use for an October bath. This worked well and was great to use! 

Did you pick up anything from this collection?! 

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