Friday, May 5, 2023

Five on Friday - Thrifting Finds, Month of Vegetarian/Pescatarian Meals, New Walmart Shoes, Poshmark Find, and Spring 2023 SampleSource

Happy Friday everyone - it's been a busy work week, so I'm happy it's the weekend! 


I purchased everything in this post

Alright, the first Wednesday of the month has quickly become my favourite day to go thrifting! If you are in Calgary, then all the WINS locations does Customer Appreciation Days on the first Wednesday of the month, so you get 50% off all clothing and such so I always make a point to go! So, everything here cost me $39.50, all of the items except for two, were brand new with tags - the pink dress itself is regular priced $117! 


I've been enjoying recapping my Vegetarian/Pescatarian meals - I hope you've enjoyed these too! All of these were quick and easy and a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Here's a litle recap:
-breakfast poutine with potatoes, peppers, cheese, eggs and gravy
-king oyster mushrooms with garlic bread and Coscto salad
-blueberry muffins chia pudding (recipe by plantyou)
-bagel tomato and spinach sandwhich
-homemade salad rolls with peanut sauce
-taco salad with black beans
-salmon with tahini coconut sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese biscuits
-black bean tacos
-hummus and cucumber toast (hummus toast was my go to breakfast this month!)
-homemade sushi with avocado, cucumber and tempura shrimp
-french toast
-Easter dinner with roast beast, Brussels sprouts, turnips and scalloped potatoes
-shasuka on toast
-orange tofu with coconut rice and aspargus
-chick'n burger with sweet potato fries and corn (picked up at forgoodnessbakeyyc)
-bean and queso burrito (by plantbasedfootprint)
-cauliflower wings with arugula salad and garlic toast
-fried tempeh sandwhich
-penne with beet and cashew sauce (recipe by @beccasveganfood)
-cheese and pepper quesadillas
-lemongrass and peanut butter chickpea curry (recipe by Lucy and Lentils)
-egg sandwhich, tots and apples
-bbq veggie kabobs, garlic toast and tofu
-sole fillets and colourful pasta salad


Okay, I had a meeting this week and it turns out I drove to work without a pair of show to wear, so I had to run over to Walmart and pick up a pair of shoes! These are the Time and Tru Ciara Mules for $25 - they are actually so cute and comfy! 


I found my "the one that got away" dress on Poshmark this week! This is the Smash and Tess Elevate Dress in green and it's lovely - it so soft and comfortable! I haven't been loving everything that this brand has been doing lately, since everything comes and goes so quickly, but I don't mind shopping second hand and it's in amazing condition! 


I just got my Spring 2023 Sample Source - here's a little look at what I received in this season's box - I got a couple of Nerds gummies, some bars, a new gingerale, and some homewares and cat treats! The Nothing But puffy cheese snacks were sooo good! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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