Thursday, March 23, 2023

Newish Drugstore Products That Just Didn't Work For Me

Okkkayyy, I don't typically leave negative reviews, and this isn't super negative - but, once I started really sticking to a budget and being more intentional with my purchases, it's highlighted if I spend my money on something that doesn't work for me, I feel like I should share it! 

Newish Drugstore Products That Didn't Work For Me
 I purchased these products - this post contains affiliate links

These are drugstore products, so I haven't spent a crazy amount of money on them, but it's more so that they just didn't work for me personally - a couple of these were super hyped up and the other one was something I'd never seen before and scooped it up on a whim! 

This is never to shit on any of these brands - these are all brands that I really enjoy and have products from them that I always use! 

Newish Drugstore Products That Didn't Work For Me

E.L.F. Cosmetics Putty Bronzer in Tan Lines ~ $8.49 CAN. Say hello to sun-kissed skin! This putty to powder bronzer blends seamlessly into the skin and leaves the complexion looking bronzed and beautiful! Infused with argan oil and vitamin E, this non-greasy, buildable formula transforms from a cream to semi-matte powder to give you a natural bronze or soft contour for the perfect sun kissed glow.

I have been really getting in to cream products lately and I absolutely love the ELF Putty Blushes, so naturally all the good reviews I've seen about this, I wanted to dive in to trying a cream bronzer! This product was fine - but it went on a little light and somewhat blended out a little patchy. Personally, I just didn't really think that was impactful on me (and I like a light bronzer). It just didn't blend great nor look great on.

NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum in Light ~ $18.49 CAN. Meet our 1st skincare serum in a concealer for face and body. 100% vegan formula and up to 24HR hydration for skin that feels moisturized all-day. This is a skintervention! Dark circles? Erased! Acne & blemishes? Covered! Redness & irritations? Girl, bye! Dry patches? Don't know her! Infused with tremella mushroom, cica, and green tea. Cover and conceal your skin troubles while hydrating your skin! Get skin that looks like skin in an instant. Non-cakey finish with a lightweight feel. Redness? Acne? Texture? No more! Say goodbye to skin stress and hello to covered and hydrated skin! Get coverage without the cake and a seamless natural finish.

I was looking for a light-weight concealer and I heard rave reviews about this one - I liked the idea of this serum style concealer, but this did not work at all on my skin. I am 36 with small lines under my eyes and on my face. This concealer actually managed to find it's way in to all of them, settle, separate and emphasize even the smallest lines. This was too creamy and settled and moved in not a flattering way - honestly, this was one of the worst concealers on me. I feel like this is only going to work on young or skin free of lines (which is not me!)

Newish Drugstore Products That Didn't Work For Me

Quo Glossy Lip Stain in Jelly ~ $12.00 CAN. Glossy lip stain. 

I was excited to see a glossy lip stain in the drugstore - this is a trend that's been in k-beauty for a while but it's nice to see it come mainstream and in the drugstore. But, on the note, maybe because I picked a darker shade (I was actually going for a colour of the year look, Viva Magenta), but this one just applied patchy and as the glow wore off, the stain was really patchy underneath and it just didn't wear well on me at all. 

Here is the final look with the newish drugstore products - the bronzer is along the outside of my face, the concealer is under my eyes and the glossy stain is on my lips. 

I'm sad that these particular products didn't work for me since I was hopeful for all of these products! What have you tried lately that didn't work well for you? 

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