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Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2023

Here's a look at what I was loving this month:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2023
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Last year I started just picking any number of products I'm loving, instead of trying to find 5 each month (which I did previously!) So, whatever number of products I'm loving, that's what I will be sharing. 

I've been slower at using and trying out new products, so naturally my Favourites have been on the smaller side lately (and I'm totally fine with that) - here's a closer look at what I've been loving this month:

Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed - Matte Color for Cheek & Lip in Rose N Brunch ~ $30.00 CAN. Inspired by our award-winning Blurring Balm Powder, this buildable, soft matte formula blurs and smooths cheek and lip with all day wear.

This is a product I was really excited about - this uses upsalite to help control sweat and sebum, squalane to smooth skin and hyaluronic acid to promote skin hydration. The shade Rose n Brunch is described as a "neutral rosey pink" and it's lovely! This is a gorgeous blush formula - either apply with fingers and blend out or apply with a blush. After using this for the month, I prefer two or three dots on each cheek with my fingers and then blend out with a brush. It dries down well and wears lightly as a powder blush. This is fantastic, and the original blurring balm is great in warm weather at controlling sweat and so I imagine this blush in the Summer is going to be fantastic as well! 

Makeup By Mario MoistureGlow Plumping Lip Serum in Blush Glow ~ $31.00 CAN. A hydrating, melting, glossy balm—in a range of inclusive shades—that visibly plumps lips while delivering a dewy, shiny finish.

I haven't tried any Makeup by Mario products before then, but I want to try more! The shade Blush Glow is described as a "sheer spiced pink". This is lovely! This formula is a glowy and gorgeous, but also this is a slightly plumping formula - not a sting your lip type formula, but adds a little minty tingle and just adds a nice fullness while it's on. It wears for a couple hours and is easy on reapplication. 

Both of these products were swatched and tried on on my New At Sephora - check it out here

Holo Taco Favourite Sister polish ~ $14.00 US. She is my Favourite Sister… who also happens to be my only sister. Designed by Simply Nailogical’s sister Jen, this bright red frosted metal polish is fit for a blood relative. Make your nails reflect like red foil with a sprinkle of scattered holo so you can one-up all other siblings. 

This is a gorgeous bright red - it is a beautiful foil, with just a hint of holo glitter. I've used it a couple of times (I'm so sad that this isn't available), because I used it for Christmas and Valentine's and it's truly a stand out formula of glitter polish! You can see it swatched on my nails here

Pueen Latex Tape Liquid Peel Off Cuticle Guard ~ $14.99 CAN. Pueen Latex Tape protects your skin from stamping, gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs. 

Okay, trying to get back in to stamping - I've had less and less time for nail art and I love how stamping works, but I have used some seriously bad cuticle barriers (like plucking all the cuticle guard off with tweezers and destroying my fingers). So, when you encounter a great one, it needs to be shared! This goes on nice, dries quick and peels off all together. So good! 

What were you loving this month?! 

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