Saturday, March 18, 2023

Five on Saturday - March 18, 2023 ~ Disneyland, Venco Book Review, St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Trap, Disneyland Souvenirs, and Next in Fashion Season 2

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - it's been a bit of a week trying to get back in to the groove of being back to work after vacation. We had a time change, plus Spring back so it's taken a few days to catch up on my sleep! 


I purchased everything on my own - this post contains affiliate links

All of last week we were away at Disneyland!!! It's been since pre-pandemic so I was so excited to have a little family getaway - we went to Anaheim and had a blast! We spent two days at the Disneyland Park, two days at California Adventure Park, and one day at Universal Studios! 

I plan on writing a whole blog post about our recent trip as lots has changed over the past couple of years! But, it was an amazing trip! 


I'm always excited to talk about books I love, and I knew I was going to love Venco by Cherie Dimaline! My favourite author writing about feminist witches coming together to take down the patriarchy?! Sign me up! We meet our main character, Lucky, when she is down on her luck - taking care of her Grandmother who is becoming increasingly forgetful, working a temp job and getting evicted from her place. She feels a pull to something and finds a spoon in a hidden area under her apartment. Once the spoons are found, the newest member of the coven is alerted and they come to bring it together. They are running out of time to find the seventh witch and need to band together to find her - Lucky goes on a roadtrip with her Grandmother. Lucky and her grandma really stand out and are fantastic characters and meet a variety of standout characters.

While they are coming together, they are also being chased by the last benandanti, male witch hunters with somewhat magical powers of their own. They are racing the clock and each other - he is conniving and sinister, but irresistible too. This book is about finding the magic in the monotonous and making your own future. I was lucky enough to listen to Cherie speak about the research in this book - every type of magic referenced was researched and the symbolism is real, even down to the origin of the decorative spoons. Loved the coven, I want more from this group of women and loved that each witch had her introduction story, but would love to explore them more too! I love the message of coming together to take it all down - plus, the ending line is fantastic! 4.5 stars. 


Yesterday was of course St. Patricks Day - no more wild nights drinking green beer, instead we are setting up traps to catch a leprechaun now! Elliott's idea was so cute so we tried our best - he's already got plans for lasers for next year. 


I didn't pick up much on our trips, but here's a look at a few of the souvenirs I did bring home with me - I needed this cute Grogu planter, and then I picked up a ton of Harry Potter candy because it's always the best! 


I was so excited that a new season of Next in Fashion started - I loved the first season! I'm only an episode in, but I am always amazed at the talent and can't wait to binge it all! 

I hope you have a good weekend! 

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