Thursday, March 30, 2023

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

It's no secret that I love Paula's Choice - their 2% BHA is one of my holy grail products and there is quite a few others that I've been loving. They've also recently expanded into Sephora Canada (this line isn't there yet), but it's a good start to be able to find their products nice and quick! 

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line
These products were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

I've been lucky enough to receive PR from Paula's Choice, but I've also continued to purchase their products and it's a brand I truly love - this is a skincare brand I recommend to everyone! 

So, I actually haven't tried the Calm line before, but I'm excited - this is all for sensitive skin, so it's a good way to introduce someone with sensitive skin to the line, that isn't afraid to use chemical forward formulations! (which we all shouldn't be afraid of - everything is a chemical, but these are just meant for more sensitive skin or good introduction products!)

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

Paula's Choice Calm Ultra-Gentle Cleanser ~ $19.00 US. A cushiony cleanser that removes makeup + impurities while preserving skin’s barrier & leaves a silky-smooth, hydrated finish after rinsing. 

This is a gentle creamy-gel cleanser that is meant to be gentle on the skin while working hard to get rid of makeup and dirt, while keeping the skin soft and hydrated. 

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

This was a lovely, gentle formula - I used this both as a second cleanser in the evening after my oil/balm cleanser, as well as a morning cleanser when I just wanted a quick, easy rinse. I enjoy this formula and thought it was nice and approachable formula!  

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

Paula's Choice Calm 1% BHA Sensitive Skin Exfoliant ~ $34.00 US. A non-abrasive, leave-on exfoliant that gently smooths away dulling buildup and unclogs pores while preserving skin’s delicate barrier.

So, the 2% BHA is my favourite product, so naturally I was pretty intrigued by the 1% BHA - this uses salicylic acid to unclog pores and smoothing skin, plus calming allantoin to ease redness. It's also a different formula - this is a light gel-cream formula, so very different from the 2% liquid formula. 

This is a really gentle exfoliating formula - it's meant to get all the results of an anti-aging BHA in an extra-gentle form, that even rosacea-prone skin can use. This is nice - I personally think after using a 2% and my skin is getting used to it, so I'm not sure that 1% quite does enough on my skin. I will say, this is great every few days when I'm not mid breakout - I also love it on my body to keep it nice and clear! 

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

Paula's Choice Calm Repairing Serum ~ $44.00 US. This antioxidant-rich serum immediately soothes sensitive skin and visibly calms redness with an effective blend of hydrating + anti-aging ingredients.

This formula uses hyaluronic acid to for hydration and plumping, ceramides for improving skin barrier and leaving skin smooth and soft, and plant extracts to improve redness. This is meant to smooth, even skintone and assist with sensitivity. It can be used both morning and evening as treatment and is nice and gentle on the skin. 

Here is a look at the Repairing Serum - it's a gel texture that goes on the skin nice and smoothly and absorbs quickly. It doesn't leave the skin tacky or sticky and is nice alone or paired with other serums. I typically use my repairing serums in the evening so I thought it fit nicely in to my routine and was a nice, gentle serum. I do use vitamin c and exfoliants, so something repairing in the evening is perfect in my routine. 

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

Paula's Choice Calm Rescue & Repair Intensive Moisturizer ~ $33.00 US. This soothing moisturizer for dry skin calms redness and sensitivity with antioxidants and emollients to protect skin’s delicate barrier.

This again, is a nice gentle formula - I love a gentle moisturizer for a day lotion. It is meant to hydrate skin, soothing a compromised barrier, while targeting redness and leaving skin with a supple finish. 

Paula's Choice - Calm Sensitive Skin Line

This is actually a good formula - not too thick, not to thin and absorbs quickly in to the skin. I think it's been great for a day lotion for me. I do have normal to oily skin, so I can see this being a good formula for lots of skin types. It's nice and evening on the skin and I think the line has certainly been gentle and helps even my skin tone overall!

Is this a line you would try? 


  1. I was about to start this line this weekend, but then shingles hit. Still, it looks promising as most PC products are!

    1. Ahhh - glad you're on the mend. These might be good when you can start reintroducing skincare since it is so gentle!