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My Nighttime Skincare Routine

This is a follow-up to last week's Morning Skincare Routine - if you haven't seen this already, make sure you check it out! I think it's overdue to share my updated routine, so I hope you enjoy these! 

My Nighttime Skincare Routine
The Skoah was received as part of the Ambassador program, the Estee Lauder and Paula's Choice were received as PR samples

While my daytime routine is quite simplified, I do tend to have my nighttime routine a little more in depth - I like to take my time going through the steps and making sure my skin is taken care of! 

For reference, this is what works for me - might seem excessive to some, but not as detailed enough for others; it's what works for me! Also, I have combination skin, borderline a little oily especially in warmer months! 

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Step One: Oil Cleanser 

This has been a game changer in my skincare routine, I always double cleanse and everyone who wears makeup or sunscreen (which everyone should), then taking the extra step to double cleanse is important! First step is an oil cleanser - rub this in without water to remove makeup, dirt, etc. and then add water and cleanse and rinse. The oil really helps breakdown makeup, including waterproof makeup! 

Currently First Cleanse I'm Using: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm ($58.00 CAN)

Step Two: Cleanser 

My second cleanser is always either a gentle gel, foaming or cream cleanser - I typically will use a foaming cleanser if my skin is feeling particular oily, and a gel or cream cleanser when it's feeling normal. This just helps gets the rest of the makeup and dirt out. If by chance makeup is being stubborn, then I will use a micellar water or eye makeup remover to remove the final gunk, but I usually don't need to! 

Current Cleanser I'm Using: Skoah Gel Kleanser ($38.00 CAN)

Step Three: Toner 

Okay, so I also use a couple of different toners too - the biggest difference with my nighttime toners is that every other evening I use an exfoliating toner to help keep my skin clear and smooth. I don't want to over exfoliate, so I don't use it every day, but in between I just use a regular gentle toner. 

Holy Grail Exfoliating Toner: Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($34.00 US). 

Step Four: Mist 

This is certainly an optional step but it's probably one of my favourite steps - I will use any mist, a mineral water mist, a boosting vitamin one, anything. This step is great to rehydrate the face after cleansing it and keeping it slightly damp while applying serums! 

Current Mist I'm Using: Uriage Thermal Water ($14.50 CAN)

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Step Five: Sheet Mask 

Now, this is a step that could be every night or as often as you need - I try to aim for a sheet mask a couple of nights per week. They are just nice and relaxing. Also, they have a concentrated amount of essence so they absorb in to the skin - I always pat the remaining essence in to the skin to help it absorb!

Step Six: Serums 

I love my nighttime serum routine - I will typically have about 3 on the go to target different skincare needs, but always a niacinamide to target brightness, usually a hyaluronic acid for hydration are what works best for me in the evening! Usually a pump or a couple of drops - you can either combine them and apply together, or layer on top of each other (I prefer to blend them just for ease of application!)

Current Serums I'm Loving: Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying & Hydrating Daily Skin Booster ($43.95 CAN) and Holy Snails Shark Sauce ($36.00 CAN) 

Step Seven: Eye Cream 

I tend to focus my serums on my face, so I will use a specific eye serum to concentrate around my eyes - I apply them really gently with a ring or pinkie finger and apply and tap it around the eye so that it absorbs in to the skin. As I do have crows feet and some fine lines, I certainly need to try and do this every night!

Eye Cream I'm Currently Using: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel-Cream ($92.0 CAN)

Step Eight: Night Cream 

And, to finish everything off, I like to lock it all in with a deep repairing and hydrating night cream - I like either an oil, night concentrate or specific night cream to help the skin repair itself overnight! I apply a pump or two or a little amount of cream so it can absorb nicely in to the skin! 

Holy Grail Night Cream: XO Treatment Room Lunar Veil ($210.00 CAN)

What are the steps for your Nighttime Routine?! 

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