Friday, September 9, 2022

Five on Friday - September 9, 2022 ~ Five Little Indians Book Review, Where The Crawdads Sing Movie, Rings of Power Show, Auction Finds, and A Yummy New Mango Beer

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - pretty normal here and we spent the week getting in to a new routine with school and before and after care, etc. 

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I'm so excited to keep expanding the books on the blog, and I love sharing what I love with you, so time to talk about Five Little Indians by Michelle Good - it was a powerful, emotional and deeply important read. This is a Canadian Historical Fiction, but with such a real basis, that this story feels incredibly real and it's probably not far off from real experiences of those leaving residential schools. This focused on five people exiting the residential school system in the 1960's and trying to find their way in the world - they all have very different paths but interconnect and overlap in downtown Eastside Vancouver.

Each character has a very different way of dealing with the trauma of their experience in the residential school systems - some throw themselves in to high risk lifestyles, some focus on anger and revenge, some try to carry on with school and parenthood and while they are all different, you find yourself rooting for each of them. This has a bit of non-linear timeline so once in a while it would jump farther back with characters that you had just been further ahead - each chapter has a different characters perspective and their voices were all unique. This was incredibly written and heartbreaking, but still full of hope. It should be a must read for Canadians - 4.5 stars. 


Okay, I know this has been in theatres since July, but I've fiiinnnalllly been able to see it! Was waiting for a friend to read the book so we could go and I was really impressed. This was my favourite book the year I read it - it's stunning, and the movie did portray it well. I enjoyed the acting and the setting and it was all really well done! 


On that note, I was excited for the premiere of the Rings of Power show (as much as I don't love Amazon, we had to get it so we could watch this) - and I've only watched the first episode, but I enjoyed it. The cinematography is stunning in true Lord of the Rings fashion, it has a bit of a slow build but I'm excited to see where it goes! 


It's sweater weather and I picked up a few new Fall sweaters on a Facebook auction and I'm loving them - they are super cute and I love finding things second hand! They are Old Navy and H&M and I think I paid $6 each! 


Okay, I recently just tried this Mongozo beer and it is amazing - if you've tried Fruli for the strawberry, it's just like that but Mango, soooo good. It's not as sweet, but super fruity and delicious! So yummy! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I have also been watching Rings of Power and enjoying it! It is a bit slow, but the scenery is just stunning!