Friday, September 30, 2022

Five on Friday - September 30, 2022 - Carrie Soto Is Back Book Review, Twice New by WINS Thrift Box, Tulle Skirt from Poshmark, See The World in PINK Youtube Channel, and Monthly Declutter

Happy Friday - it's a late one, but better late than never! Hope you all had a great week - we are off to Edmonton for the weekend! 


I purchased everything featured - this post contains affiliate links

I'm always so excited to share more great book reviews here - and it's another amazing read by Taylor Jenkins Reid: Carrie Soto is Back! If I'm being honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to mesh with this book; I'm not really in to tennis, nor did Carrie Soto come off as a likeable character in Malibu Rising, but that is really the beauty of this story! 

Carrie is so determined and fantastic at what she did and this focuses on the fact that any of the attributes we are fine with men portraying (confidence, abrasive, determined, loud, non-apologetic), we are not comfortable with successful woman portraying, earning Carrie the nickname of "Battle-Axe" in Tennis. TJR writes in a way that humanizes these characters and makes you see what's brought them to be this way, and to end up liking them and rooting for them.

On that note, I've never been more invested in a tennis game/tournament in my life - I was somewhat on the edge of my seat reading this, needing to know what happens. Also, her writing is unreal - you feel like these are real people and real events and it's pretty amazing when you have to google if her characters are actually real she's done such a good job portraying them. Also, a theme in her books is nothing is ever picture perfect, but more so what her flawed but likeable character needs and it feels so much more real that way. I laughed, I cried and I cheered! Really enjoyed this. (The only tiny critique I had was that I felt a little disconnected during some of the Spanish conversations, but that is more my issue as I don't know Spanish and should probably know more!)


I'm so excited for this share - I picked up a Twice New by WINS Thrift Box. WINS (Women in Needs Society) is "Calgary’s homegrown thrift charity, providing basic needs resources and support to women and their families". They have a few thrift stores around Calgary and I shopped there a few times, but what is great is that they've come out with these Mystery curated Thrift Boxes - Twice New by WINS. They have a whole bunch of different types: She is Strong, Casual, Best Dressed, etc. 

I picked up the Chic & Cozy one for $30 and I got 5 items - a mix of sweaters, tees and cardigans! Check out the unboxing for a look at everything that came. These were so much fun and I love the idea of a surprise thrift box. I will try another one for sure! 


I also picked up another second hand item this week - I haven't used Poshmark much, but I am picking up a few things from there! I picked up this pretty tulle skirt - I've been wanting a skirt like this for a while and it was only $11 so I couldn't resist! 

If you want to sign up for Poshmark and you haven't yet, you can save $15 if you use my link here:


Okay, I've somewhat quietly started a Youtube Channel - I would love if you follow along with me there! I'm just uploading some past videos from my Instagram and then I will make some new videos, not sure I will do anything crazy and likely keep all my videos short and sweet, but it's always fun to try something new! 


My September Declutter is small and simple - the Kiko Eyeshadow is just too messy, this brush won't come clean anymore and I do not use this dry shampoo like this! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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