Tuesday, September 20, 2022

My Morning Skincare Routine

I don't often feel like blog posts are overdue, since I can basically write anything at anytime, but I haven't written an updated routine since 2016! And, while this isn't going to change *much* since then, it has gotten a little more specific to my skin and finding what works best for me! 

My Morning Skincare Routine
The Skoah product was received as part of the Ambassador program, the FabYou was received as a PR sample - this post contains affiliate links

I like to keep my morning routine quite simple and gentle - I'm up quite earlier and don't have a ton of time in the mornings, so I like quick and effective products! 

For reference, this is what works for me - might seem excessive to some, but not as detailed enough for others; it's what works for me! Also, I have combination skin, borderline a little oily especially in warmer months! 

My Morning Skincare Routine

Step One: Cleanser 

This is a nice and gentle cleanse for me in the morning - no harsh scrubs or heavy cleansers. I typically use a micellar water to rinse my face (just make sure to rinse this off, it is a cleanser after all, even if it's not quite marketed to rinse off). Or, I will use a gel texture cleanser a couple of times a week if I want a little more sudsy wash! 

Most Used Morning Cleanser: Bioderma Micellar Water ($20.99 CAN)

Step Two: Toner 

I always follow up with a toner - I think this is an optional step in most routines, but I like using it to get rid of any excess oil or dirt and it helps prep the skin for absorbing the serums and moisturizers that will come next! 

Current Toner I'm Using: FabYou Red Blemish AC Toner ($22.50 US)

Step Three: Mist 

This is certainly an optional step; however, probably one of my favourite steps - I will use any mist, a mineral water mist, a boosting vitamin one, anything. This step is great to rehydrate the face after cleansing it and keeping it slightly damp while applying serums! 

Current Mist I'm Using: Uriage Thermal Water ($14.50 CAN)

My Morning Skincare Routine

Step Four: Vitamin C Serum  

This is certainly a changed step from last  time - I've been using serums for a long time in the morning, but previously I would just use anything. Now, I've really settled in to a Vitamin C serum and it's helped with overall skintone and brightness. It took me a little time to find one that works for me as the Vitamin C molecule can be quite unstable - I've found this one and the Paula's Choice is what works best for me! (I have reviews on both if you want to search them!)

Holy Grail Vitamin C Serum: XO Face Care Heavy C Serum ($89.00 CAN) 

Step Five: Moisturizer 

This is another step that changed slightly - years ago, I was using an emulsion in between a serum and moisturizer. It became a little redundant as I found better quality products to balance out my skin type. Now, I'm just using a day moisturizer - in the Summer, I love a gel lighter texture, but as we switch to fall I will use a lighter face lotion! 

Current Moisturizer: Skoah Face Skotion Lite ($52.00 CAN)

Step Six: Sunscreen 

I cannot stress that this and cleansing are the most important steps - sunscreen prevents sun damage and really helps slow down signs of aging and protects the skin. I love a light, gel type sunscreen, and always apply three fingers full to the face! So important! I've been loving the Rohto Mentholatum brand (that also looks like Skin Aqua or Biore, but it's just how it's branded here) and I've tried quite a few different ones, but this brand absorbs so nicely and wears well with SPF 50 and PA++++.

Current Sunscreen I'm Loving: Rohto Mentholatum Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence ($20.06 CAN)

I will be sharing my Nighttime Routine as well soon (which does have more steps!) - do you use any of these products? 

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