Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Summer 2022 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

I'm a big fan of Jillian Harris, so when she announced that she was starting a subscription box, I was so excited! The box started with the Winter 2019 box and sadly, I was not one of the lucky originals who won a subscription spot, so I sign up every season and hope to get picked for a lottery spot! 

Summer 2022 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing
I purchased this box - this post contains affiliate links

The Jilly Box is a quarterly seasonal subscription box - the products within the box include some of Jillian’s (and Team Jilly’s!) favourite items (and brands) from home decor, fashion, bath and beauty, health and wellness, accessories perfect for each season. Some of the items included will be custom designed exclusively for the Jilly Box. The Jilly Box really focuses on including products from small, local businesses while being ethically sourced and inclusive. They also focus on reducing plastic waste and packaging - the big boxes can be turned inside out and reused! Also, they try to include Canadian, woman owned brands, and this box also includes 3 LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Minority owned brands! 

The Jilly Box is $199 CAN quarterly + taxes and includes free shipping to Canada and the U.S. And, while this is on the pricier end for a subscription box, it will contain at least $400 worth of products each season! The box is shipped out prior to the start of each season - so the Fall box shipped in mid-August, the Winter box will ship in mid-November, the Spring box will ship in mid-February, and the Summer box will ship mid-May! (This season's box was a little late from the shipping delays everywhere and waiting on a product to arrive!)

The box always includes a little booklet that includes information about each product, recipes, interviews with makers and more! Here is a closer look at all the products in the Spring 2022 Jilly Box:

Summer 2022 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

Goldilocks Goods Beeswax Food Wraps: Jillian Harris x Goldilocks Summer Bees Set of 3 ~ $36.00 CAN. Custom designed for the Summer 2022 Jilly Box, this set is inspired by picnics on the farm, busy bees pollinating fruit trees, sweet tea and the Okanagan's summer breeze, this custom set is a sonnet to summer with Jillian.

These are an all natural, resuable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap in the kitchen. The average person uses over 2000 sq. ft. of plastic wrap every year and these are a way of not reaching for that - you simply warm these up and apply them to a bowl or plate. This set was designed with Jillian Harris and the prints are super cute! These are handmade in Canada too. 

Kanel Spices Summer Sea Salt ~ $10.00 CAN. Our limited-time Summer Sea Salt was custom designed by Jillian Harris for the Summer 2022 Jillybox. In developing the recipe, Jillian sought to create a salt as seasonally fresh as homegrown produce, harvested right from the garden. Its luscious blend of celery, garlic and fresh herbs mingle with earthy onion and nori, instantly elevating vegetable or seafood dishes with just a pinch. Savoury, piney and lush, this is one salt your summer shouldn’t be without.

This is really cool - these spice blends come in a recyclable packaging. This is recommended for bbqs, salads, vegetables, or perhaps even a cocktail rim for a delicious Caesar! Iim excited to use this! 

Blume Matcha Coconut Blend ~ $25.00 CAN. Perk up and stay steady with our stone ground, hand picked matcha. This blend has a gentle matcha flavour with round and creamy notes thanks to a touch of coconut. This blend will energize you without the crash while fortifying your immune system.

I love Blume - it's been featured in the Jilly Box before, but I've also picked up a few more of their blends myself, so I'm excited to try this out. I like Matcha and a coconutty flavor sounds so good! 

Freedom Moses Tuti Baby Slides ~ $50.00 US ($70.00 CAN). Not only are they super cute, cruelty-free and come in biodegradable packaging, but they are creating by injecting air in to the soles, which makes them incredibly comfortable - you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud! Because these slides are waterproof, they're perfect for the beach, on the boat, or by the by the pool this Summer. 

Okay, these are actually adorable - and they are slightly scented as well too, so they smell good and are so cute. They are really comfortable as well, so I'm enjoying them! These were the big ticket sized item in the box and I did manage to get my size during the lottery! 

Summer 2022 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

Hudson and Oak Jillian Harris Summer Scallop Planter ~ $75.00 CAN. Designed alongside with Jillian Harris, we love the details of this planter.. from the classic scallop pattern rim to the hand-finished soft semi-matte oyster white glaze, it’ll be sure to complement any household aesthetic! 

This is so cute - I'm so impressed that they managed to fit a whole planter in this box and it's not a small one! I have a little plant on my kitchen windowsill and I can't wait to use this. These were made in Morocco and this can be used outside in the Summer and inside the rest of the year! 

Tentree Jilly Lemon Print Scarf ~ $20.00 CAN. This organic cotton and incredibly versatile scarf features the limited edition Jilly Lemon Print and is the perfect accessory for summer! Tie it around your ponytail, around your neck, or spice up your favourite handbag! 

Tentree is the brand that plats 10 trees for every item purchased, including all the scarves in the boxes, so these are already so cool. This was the only variable item in the box - you randomly received a green or pink one (I got green, but of course would have preferred a pink one). This is a cute little scarf - I'm not sure if small scarves are really my style, so I may pass this on. 

Biossance Squalane+ Rose Vegan Lip Balm ~ $19.00 CAN. An intensely moisturizing, fragrance-free balm that hydrates and nourishes lips with a trio of clinically tested moisturizers and visibly plumping wakame algae.

This looks like such a nice, juicy lip balm - I like that is vegan, cruelty free and I use lip balms all the time! This is a perfect little addition to the box! Always happy to receive a beauty product in the box! 

Plant Vitamins Thrive ~ $30.00 CAN. The name says it all! If you want your plants to Thrive this is a must have for your plant care routine. Think of it like your plants multivitamin, keeping it strong and healthy and helping it deal with the stresses of indoor living!

With all the plant themed items in this box, this is a perfect little addition - it's made with over 60 + minerals, vitamins and hormones. It's designed, packaged and shipped in Canada and made specifically for house plants. I think 1 drop makes a litre of fertilizer, so it will last a long time!  

Summer 2022 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

West Coast Seeds Jillian Harris Collection ~ $50.00 CAN. Grow organically with the West Coast Seeds x Jillian Harris Collection, created exclusively for The Jilly Box. Harvest a bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs while adding beautiful sunflowers and a zinnia blend selected by Jillian Harris to your summer garden.

This comes with a set of 8 seed packets - Carrots, Kale, Lavender, Sunflower, Radish, Thyme, Basil and a special set of Zinnias that are only available in this set. Plus, there is a set of markers for each of the plants! I love plants, but it's a little late to plant seeds right now so these will wait for next Spring! 

The Jilly Box Wild Strawberry Print ~ $35.00 CAN. Hand drawn by Team Jilly Box and designed by Jillian exclusively for this season’s box; the Wild Strawberry Print is adorned with organic lines that were purposefully designed to pair with the vintage textured surface of the sustainable paper. This print was created with the intention of bringing a nostalgic aesthetic to your walls all while adding a little hint of summer to your indoor space.

These were printed on sustainably sourced paper - this is super cute and the strawberry theme fits perfectly with the whole box theme! This isn't really my style or my house style, so I will probably pass it on, but I think it fits the whole box and I always like home items included! 

Camilia Supply Flower Snips ~ $40.00 CAN. Use them to create the perfect flower arrangement, snipping herbs from the garden, or pruning your houseplants to keep them happy and healthy. Made from high-quality carbon steel, they're easy to clean, and adorned in a modern white colour. 

Again, these all fit the theme of this box so well and I will use these - I grow some fancy bulbs in my garden so I like to cut them and keep them inside when possible! Also, trimming herbs, etc. These are great - I will get lots of use of these.

Overall, I'm really happy with this Jilly Box - it feels very perfect for a Summer plant themed box, everything fit really well and they always have a great variety of products! While the box is pretty indulgent at $200 a quarter, but this box came with a value of $390! Some of the products were specifically designed with Jillian Harris for this box with exclusive colours and I always think that it adds a nice touch! 

What do you think about this subscription?


  1. I read that if you get selected one quarter, the next one you won’t. How is it that you got selected two quarters in a row?

    1. I have my mom and a friend who sign up for the emails and send me the code if they aren't interested in it!