Friday, July 15, 2022

Five on Friday - July 15, 2022 ~ Trickster Series Review, My Garden in Bloom, June 2022 Scratch Monthly Mani Kit, July Little Passports Subscription, and Seed Crackers

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all have a good week! Mine was nice and normal around here! 


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I'm so excited to share not only a book review today, but a whole series review - the Trickster Series by Eden Robinson! The books are Son A Trickster, Trickster Drift, and Return of the Trickster. I think sometimes these book get wrongfully shelved as young adult fantasy books, and they are pretty true adult books (they start to get a little graphic in the last couple, but even the first one starts with some pretty heavy material); also, I would call these contemporary fiction (which is what they are labelled as) with a fantastical twist. 

This book follows our main character, Jared, heavy in to addiction and dealing with some intense family dynamics - he's got a scary Mother, he's supporting his dad's new family and caring for his elderly neighbours. But, near the end he starts to suspect that he might not be fully human (son of a trickster is the title so it's not surprising). I found the first book to be a heavy read - our main character is going through a lot! 

Then, in book two we jump right back in to where book one ended and we hit the ground running - Jared is really trying to turn things around for himself; but there are so many outside forces working against him. This one really starts to get magical and you will be rooting for Jared. Once Jared finds out his heritage, there are other beings out there trying to get at him, including shapeshifters and other-worldly beings. Book two ends pretty intensely and there is so much going on starting in to book three - everything from all over is coming to a head and it's a huge finale! Everything seems to collectively gather against him at the same time, but he's also found his own allies and it's quite the finish. There are a few graphic scenes during the books with some violence, so if that's a trigger for you, beware! I found some parts to be a little unsettling but it fit in with the books and themes and adds to the odds our character has to overcome!  

I gave the first book 3.5 stars, the second book was 4.5 stars, and the third book I rated 4 stars. Overall, this was a really unique series and unlike anything I've read, so I would recommend it when you are looking for something exciting and and different! 


On of the highlights of my week is my peonies finally boomed - and my garden has been looking really good this year! I've been pretty low maintenance with letting all my older flowers bloom and there was some really pretty ones! 


I just got my June 2022 Scratch Monthly Mani Kit and as always, they are super cute - I always love their floral prints, they are my go-to! This is an easy, affordable subscription that features nail wraps from GoScrachIt that are exclusive to the kit each month and designed  by NinaNailedIt

The Scratch Monthly Mani Kit is $18.00 US monthly with free shipping everywhere! Each month you get an exclusive set of wraps that aren't available for purchase and a little extra mani goodie with it!
  • Mix Tape nail wraps 
  • striping tape
I have to say, these nail wraps are easily my favourite nail wraps to use - I have tried quite a few wraps and nothing compares! You can see past reviews and nail looks on Scratch wraps here if you are interested!


Elliott was gifted a Little Passports subscription for Christmas, and we just got the fourth delivery! Little Passports is a kids subscription company that focuses on "play-based science and geography kits delivered monthly." They offer 5 different subscriptions for ages 3 - 8+ and they have 3 different Geography based subscriptions and 2 Science subscriptions. 

So, Elliott is getting the Early Explorers meant for ages 3-5 and it's described as "discover the world’s wonders, from oceans to art to animals through hands-on activities, games and stories." This subscription is $27.95 US monthly, and you can also add on a book for $9.95 - you save more if you subscribe to a longer term. The first month comes with a little suitcase and passport to set you up for future months. I think this subscription sends you things based one your subscription term as opposed to having a new set of activities each month (meaning every subscriber will get the Animals theme for month 5 of their subscription term, instead of Animals being only the April 2022 theme). 

So, this is the 8th month the theme is "Science" - each month you will receive a themed package with an interactive souvenir, activity booklet, a puzzle, stickers, and more. The Science one came with a little microscope which is great, but there has been a puzzle in the last 4 or 5 months and it would be nice if they had a bit more variety in the box! 


I made these "Seed Crackers" this weekend and they are so yummy - they are literally just seeds, water and a little seasoning with them and they are a great little snack! The only thing is I probably could have gotten mine a little thinner, but if you want the recipe it is here - Endurance Crackers! Yum! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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