Friday, January 28, 2022

Five on Friday - January 28, 2022 ~ January 2022 Scratch Monthly Mani Kit, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Damian's 17th Birthday, Lifetime Ruby Movie, and Declutter

Happy Friday everyone - hope you all had a great week. Mine has been a little rough and long - I was sick last week, but got my covid results back as negative; but, then late on Sunday night my little guy said he had a sore throat and tested positive for covid. I feel bad because he isn't old enough to get vaccinated and has to quarantine for the full 10 days (he's not super sick, which is great, but still so hard to be stuck at home!) - but it's all over the house right now, so it's a little crazy! 


I purchased everything in this post

I just got my January 2022 Scratch Monthly Mani Kit and as always, they are super cute - I always love their floral prints, they are my go-to! This is an easy, affordable subscription that features nail wraps from GoScrachIt that are exclusive to the kit each month and designed by NinaNailedIt!

The Scratch Monthly Mani Kit is $18.00 US monthly with free shipping everywhere! Each month you get an exclusive set of wraps that aren't available for purchase and a little extra mani goodie with it!
  • Flora nail wraps 
  • alphabet nail stickers 
I have to say, these nail wraps are easily my favourite nail wraps to use - I have tried quite a few wraps and nothing compares! You can see past reviews and nail looks on Scratch wraps here if you are interested!


Okay, I loved baking so much and for my son's birthday I wanted to make this delicious cake - it turned out amazing! I made a Peanut Butter Chocolate cake and it was amazing. It is a super moist chocolate cake and the peanut icing is so good (I used 3 cups less icing sugar than the recipe called for) and then it has crushed reeses and a chocolate ganache drip. This will be my go-to chocolate cake recipe! 


And, here's the birthday boy - I can't believe Damian is already 17! He is such a kind, great kid and I'm very proud of him! (And, also hoping he can still try and celebrate with friends a little bit!)


I just had a perfectly girly movie night in on Saturday - ordered movie theatre popcorn and watched the cheesiest movie, Ruby. This was a V.C. Andrews series I loved and got a few friends in to them too, so it was perfect (I've had them saved on my PVR for a while waiting to watch) - and it was delightfully cheesy. We will watch the rest of them soon! 


It's the end of the month, so I'm wrapping up a few things I'm getting rid of this month - the eye mask and the nail stamper are just no good. I just used the Rare Beauty lipstick, but I don't like the formula so I'm going to pass it on. Also, I do like the Suva Beauty Saffron palette, but the magnetic closure is not working any more and the shadows are not as pigmented, so it's time to go! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 


  1. That cake looks amazeballs! I always love your decorating skillz ;-)
    OMG I love that Suva Saffron Palette! I better go and check on mine!

    1. Thanks Jayne! I love baking and decorating!
      And that palette did not hang in there, I went to use the red and it just had no pigment and the closures were lifting, so weird!

  2. That cake is amazing! It looks SO GOOD! Happy belated birthday to Damian. And I hope no one got too sick with COVID.

    1. Thanks Chantal - we are fared pretty good, just tired!