Sunday, February 28, 2021

Monthly Beauty Haul - February 2021

I always love these haul posts - it's a way to keep track of everything that I picked up every month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

Last year, I got a little crazy about trying to stick to a crazy budget and this year I'm just going to buy what I want and try and be reasonable about my purchases! 

(Also, I'm only sharing what I received every month now since I'm not trying to stick to a crazy budget, so some things I ordered in February will show up in my March haul now!)

I purchased everything in this post

Auric Beauty Haul ~ $131.77 CAN. I was so excited when Samantha Ravndahl announced her brand and I loved her announcement video, so I was very excited to pick up one of the Glow Lusts and one Smoke Reflect shadow - I can't wait to use both of these! The cost I paid in Canadian includes both products, shipping and conversion with no duties on my order! I will be reviewing these as soon as I can try them! 

Lush Kitchen Subscription ~ $94.25 CAN. I love my Lush Kitchen subscription - I always pick this up for holiday months because they have the cutest holiday collections and Valentine's Day is no exception! You can see my full unboxing post here

Revolution Beauty ~ $45.19 CAN. I couldn't resist picking up this lovely highlighter and lipgloss from Revolution Beauty because it's Beauty and the Beast themed and it looks like a little book!!! So stinking cute! I haven't tried either of these yet, but will soon and share about it when I can! 

Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Palette ~ $70.66 CAN. I couldn't resist placing a Kaleidos order after they announced their collaboration with Swedish youtuber Angelica - she loves colour and this is a gorgeous palette, it's very unique in my collection and I imagine most collections. If you are interested, I did a full post with swatches and two looks with the palette and you can see it here

Shoppers Drug Mart Order #1 ~ $29.37 CAN. I picked up a few things in store earlier this month when I was shopping for something else, but I really wanted to try both of these and can't wait to see how there are! (Honestly, I picked up way too much makeup this month that I haven't used yet - I will be playing catch up in March!)

Shopper's Drug Mart Order #2 ~ $0.00 CAN. Oh look, did more in store shopping one night as my son was out doing something and I had time to kill - I picked up a few things that I have been eyeing lately: the Essence products, Indeed Labs lip treatment, and nail polishes! I have tried the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Prismatic polish and you can see a Manicure Monday post on it here. Everything else still awaits their opportunity to be used! 

Shoppers Order #3 ~ $86.05 CAN. And, because apparently I hadn't picked up enough in store at Shoppers, I had to place an online order to pick up everything I was looking to pick up that I couldn't find in store! I'm hoping to do a full face of new Drugstore Makeup very soon! 

Sephora Order ~ $92.93 CAN. I made a Sephora order this month (I apologize, I took a picture of everything and can't find it, but since I've dispersed everything post-photo, I didn't want to run around trying to collect it all again.) I placed this order to try the Sephora Collection Astrology lipstick as well as pick up the birthday gift, but then I saw all the Sephora Collection products on sale for great prices, I went a little HAM! Again, will try them all soon!

Alright, I spent $550.22 CAN this month - way more than I thought I did, but hopefully I will keep the makeup purchases down the next few months to catch up and try everything that I've been buying! 


  1. The packaging of those Auric products is amazing! Such gorgeous colors!
    Jenna ♥
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