Friday, February 5, 2021

Five on Friday - February 5, 2021 ~ Monthly Makeup Basket, January OwlCrate, Hot Chocolate Bombs, and Lotta Love!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week - it's been super cold all week and snowy here (I actually took a snow on Wednesday and worked from home and it was lovely!)


The Pixi quad in the post was received as a PR sample - this post contains affiliate links

I have been keeping up my Monthly Makeup Baskets throughout this pandemic; but, I am finding it a little hard to use everything in a single month as I am wearing masks all the time. So, for now, I am going to do bi-monthly baskets - I typically feature older products, but used lots of newer products for December & January, so I will make sure all of these ones for the next two months are older! 

Here's a look at the products I'm focusing on for February & March:
  • Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette ~ I got this back in my 2018 Beautylish Lucky bag, and it's lovely, but I never reach for it - I've put it in a monthly basket before, but if I don't reach for this over the next two months, I will pass it on! 
  • Morphe Mini Blush in Spirit ~ I got this in a past Ipsy bag and ended up loving it May 2019 - it's a pretty shade and it's perfect for a Winter month! 
  • Wet n Wild MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder in "Written in the Stars" ~ this is a gorgeous highlighter, but I always forget to reach for a loose highlighter, so I'm hoping to use this more!
  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush - this is such a pretty blush, it made my Best of Beauty 2017 and it's great. I used it in my project pan last year and did hit pan, and have only reached for it a few times since then, so time to show it some love again! 
I'm excited to get some more use out of all of these! 


(Hello, I forgot to take a picture of my full Owlcrate - I'm not sure what I was thinking, but the time I noticed, everything is spread out or recycled so it's too late. But, I shared my video unboxing on my instagram!)

I just received my January Owlcrate subscription and this month's theme is "From Olympus With Love" - each month the book Owlcrate includes is signed by the author and comes with a note from the author as well - they often have special edition covers just for the box, and they seem to include a lot of exclusive items just for Owlcrate, which is so fun! As a bookworm, I have been loving this subscription!  

The items included in this month's box are:
  • Book - Lore by Alexandra Bracken ~ This book sounds amazing - every seven years, some of the Greek gods and goddesses are set to Earth as a punishment, but during that time they are hunted by descendants of ancient bloodlines that are all eager to kill a god and seize their divine power and immortality! This book has a darker cover than the original  and it's signed! 
  • Enamel Pin ~ Every box comes with a pin and it's inspired by Medusa's shield and it's inspired by the book and says "The Eyes of the Gods are Upon Us" and it's designed by Icey Designs
  • Pin Banner ~ Every January, Owlcrate tends to send a pin banner every January so that you can display all the pins you get throughout the year. It has an olive branch pattern, designed by Michelle Gray. 
  • Wooden Bookmark ~ This beautiful double-sided woodmark was created by In The Reads and was inspired by Circe and a Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and each side has a quote from one of the books! 
  • Tea ~ Riddle's Tea Shoppe created an exclusive tea blend called Nectar of the God and I love that it's a decaf tea and a good little pouch size! Love this! 
  • Tapestry ~ They also included a beautiful Lunar Calendar Tapestry - it has all the moon phases for all of 2020 with Artemis and Athena! It's very pretty (designed by Eden Cooke) and I've already hung it in my makeup room because it is lovely! 
  • Letter Board ~ I have always wanted a letter board, so I love that this came with a little wooden letter board and a ton of letters to use as well! I've already put this up on display! 
If you are interested in signing up, Owlcrate is $29.99 US per month, plus shipping, ($14.99 to Canada). 


Last weekend Elliott and I made Hot Chocolate bombs together! I have been wanting to try these for a while and we managed to make a few work! (It was a bit of a learning curve, but now that I've got it, it will be easier!) Fun little indoor activity! 


I always love trying fun new drinks and a Calgary Winery, City and Country, and Cidery, Bramble Cider came out with a collab - lotta love! A wine and cider combo (or cider on wineskins, I don't know the details), but it was so adorable, I had to pick it up! And it's so yummy! Also love with their delivery, they included some little extras too! 


Since I'm starting a new Monthly Makeup Basket, so here's a look at the products I've been using for the past two months:
  • Kaleidos Space Age Highlighter in Ray Rider ~ This is a really pretty highlighter - my first one from this brand, and a brand I want to try more from! I do wish that the packaging wasn't so bulky though! 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Highlighter ~ This is a really lovely formula - it's a gorgeous colour and wears so well! 
  • Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk ~ This was something that I was hoping to use more, but I'm so hesitant to put on a cream product, when we are wearing masks. This does dry down so I think I need to get over the fear because I did like it when I tried it and it's a pretty shade! 
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink ~ This is a pretty blush - I didn't reach for it a ton and I'm more in a matte blush phase, so I will have to try to use it more in the Summer! 
  • e.l.f. Bite Size Face Duo in Spiced Apple ~ I loved this palette over the past two months - certainly my most used and it made my Monthly Favourites for December! 
  • Pixi Nuance Quartette in Honey Nectar ~ This is a beautiful palette and I like the shades in here and got some good use out of this! 
Overall, some really good products I've been focusing on for the past couple of months! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - it's supposed to be horribly cold here in Calgary, so I plan on hibernating! 

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