Wednesday, December 23, 2020

20 in 2020 Project Pan - Final Update #6

In December last year, I kicked off my big year-long Project Pan - I was planning on using up or hitting pan on 20 makeup products throughout the whole year and I'm using 10 products at a time. So, I introduced the first 10 products in December, did an update in February, an update in April, an update in June, an update in August, an update in October and this is my final wrap-up update! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan
The Paula's Choice & Hard Candy items were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

At the end of my last update in October I had reached my goal on 13 products, so I had 7 more products to go to reach my goal - do you think I made it?!?! 
I have been doing this in a rolling project pan style, so I'm starting with 10 products and as I hit my goal on them, I'm rolling new products in! I've only been using makeup products for this project, as I typically go through my skincare products pretty regularly! (I'm wearing far less makeup lately, so it has been a little more difficult to get through makeup!)

Let's start with goals I was able to reach: 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4 ~ $32.00 CAN. A ultra-fine brow shaping and defining pencil that draws incredibly natural hair-like strokes that last up to 12-hours.

I've been making sure to use up all my products based on how old they are, so this brow pencil was next on the list! This is one of my favourite brow pencils and it made my Best Makeup of 2018. I love the formula and the spoolie on the end as well!

I finished this up on November 18 - it's totally done! And, I still love it! (I didn't have much left in this so it was an easy finish for me!)

20 in 2020 Project Pan

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie ~ $5.00 US. A pinky rose gold in a Pearlized finish.

I picked this up back in June 2016 and it's from a past KathleenLights Where The Night Is collection and this is a really gorgeous colour - I like this formula, but I rarely reach for these shadows! My goal for this shadow is to hit pan on it! 

I have been slow to reach my goal on this one - it's such a beautiful shade and I do like the formula. It's slightly too dark as an every day lid shade for me, but I was able to reach my goal finally after about 4 mores uses and I hit pan on this on November 19! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correct Cushion Wonder in "Peach" ~ $6.98 CAN. This color-correcting serum instantly provides weightless color correction of any skin coloration concern. Packaged in a tube with a cushion tip, no additional tools are needed! Blend into your skin to target and CORRECT your skin concerns in 1 simple step!

I got this back in 2017 and this was a game-changer in my concealer routine - this made my Best of Makeup back in 2017! And, then I started trying a bunch of new concealers and this one got pushed to the back, so I haven't reached for it in a while. Since I've added this to my project, I've used it pretty consistently and made some good progress.  

My goal is to use this up - it is still a good formula, but it is a really messy applicator and it is getting old, so time to move it out. And, I also finished this up on November 19 - it was a good couple of days for my panning! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Paula's Choice Soothing Primer Serum SPF 30 ~ $30.00 US. A multi-tasking primer that softens and smooths skin with a formula that features antioxidants and broad-spectrum SPF 30, resulting in a flawless, makeup-ready complexion.

I really loved this primer last year - it made my favourites in June 2019 and I typically use it in the Summer because of the added SPF. I really want to use this up because it does have SPF in it and and it does have an expiry date of early next year. 

I added this in early July and I have used it most days since (when I am wearing face makeup - that use has decreased a little bit)! I made good progress since I've put this in the project and finished this on December 5! I really like this!

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer ~ travel size (full size is $32.00 CAN). This gentle, lightweight, oil, fragrance and paraben free formula keeps your eye shadow picture-perfect and crease-free from day to night.

This eye primer came in a set with the original Lorac Pro palette that I got back in 2016 (I've actually already decluttered that palette), so this is getting old! My goal is to use it up; but, I find eye primers really hard to use up/

I've been using it pretty consistently, and am trying to use it every time I do my eye shadow - and I just finished this on December 18. I'm not going to lie, I've probably been using an excessive amount of this to finish it, but the formula was not great and it's time for it to be done, so I'm glad I finished it in time! 

 Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-in-Balm in Flirt Me Coral ~ $49.00 CAN. A hybrid lipstick that combines nourishing balm care with glowing, sheer color for a hint of tint that enhances lip color.

I know packaging isn't everything; but, seriously, how stunning is this tinted lip balms?! It's one of those products I could hold on to forever and not use because it's so pretty, but I'm trying to be better about using everything I like! I tried this earlier this year and it made my January Monthly Favourites - it's lovely, but I have lots more tinted lip balms waiting to be used! 

My goal is to use this up - and I polished it off just in time for the finale on December 19! It's jest under the edge of the packaging. This was a good tinted lip balm, but I did notice it cling to dry patches on my lips, so I did enjoy it, but I'm happy to move it out of my collection! 

So, I was JUST shy of my goal and I only finished/hit pan on 19 products out of the 20 that I set my goal as. I'm a little bummed that I didn't quite reach that 20, but I so damn close! Here is a look at the other products that are left in the project: 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Guerlain Meteorites Highlighting Powder Pearls in 02 Light ~ $77.00 CAN. An illuminating powder made up of light-diffusing pearls that minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin.

I love these Guerlain highlighting balls and I use them as a finishing powder a lot; but, I've had this particular product in my collection since April 2014 (I wrote about it in My First Sephora Orders post), so they are getting a little old! I also have a newer version of these in a slightly different finish, so I'd like to move these out of my collection!

These have been in my project pan since the very beginning and my goal for these is to fully use it up - seems easy, but these little babies took a lot of work to get through and I really thought I was going to finish these up, but I fell just short of finishing these. I have no doubt they will be done very soon though (there is only 15 little balls left in there!)

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ~ $51.00 CAN. A lightweight, easy-to-apply, loose powder that blends effortlessly to set makeup for up to 12 hours.

This is an older powder in my collection too and it's pretty big, so it's going to take a while to get through! I have probably about 1/3 left of the powder, but again I tend not to reach for loose powders so it's time to get this moving out if my collection and my goal is to finish it up. I am using this to set my concealer every day right now. 

I just rolled this product in April and I was reaching for it a lot at the start of the project, but by the end I didn't want to reach for it anymore. I just don't use loose powders often and it was too cakey and blah under my eyes. I think it's just too old and I find this one thick. I did make a pretty good dent and the powder is almost finished, so I am going to declutter it from my collection now that this project is over! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Highlighting Powder in CandleLight ~ $53.00 CAN. A sheer, opalescent highlighting powder that works to illuminate features with a subtle glow.

This is a highlighter that made my Monthly Favourites back in July 2016 and it was a pretty classic highlighter back in the day! My goal was originally to hit pan on this highlighter - and I reached that goal in March! I was really excited to reach my goal and hit pan; but, I didn't want to stop using it, so I've kept this in the project a little longer and my stretch goal was to use this up.

I dropped it a second time this year and clearly it's seen better days, but prior to that I was really impressed with the visible progress I had made on this highlighter over the year - it was the most obvious out of all the products so it was very satisfying! I feel like this is "done" now and it's no longer available to purchase so it seems like a good time to be done with it, even though it isn't fully finished, it's close! 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra Makeup in Ecru ~ $52.00 CAN. A soft-matte liquid foundation, with up to 24-hour wear, that blurs the look of pores for a camera-ready finish that’s lightweight, oil-free, and non-drying.

I picked up this foundation earlier this year to compare to it to the original Estee Lauder double wear foundation - you can see the comparison and this foundation on me here. This formula is described as "matte reimagined" and for me it's just okay - I find it can look a little powdery and slightly dry on me. It's not terrible, but it's just something I want to use up as it's not my most favourite formula, but it's still good and I think while I'm wearing lighter makeup, this is a good time to use it up. 

My goal for this foundation is to use it all up. Unfortunately, right after I rolled this in to this project, we implemented a continuous masking policy at work - so, I wasn't too hopeful that I would use this up. I still made decent progress over the past 2 months doing makeup looks, so I'm happy with that. I will continue to try and use this up over the next year. 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

So, to wrap up, I reach my goal on 19 products that I put in this project over 2020 (this is most of them, but I forgot a few as I was taking pictures!):
  • Raspberry Mint Lip Oil ~ finished/tossed it was dirty - January 18, 2020 
  • L’oreal Brow Pencil ~ finished/fully empty - January 26, 2020
  • Becca Primer ~ finished/fully empty - February 22, 2020
  • Shiseido Blush ~ finished/fully empty - March 7, 2020
  • Kevyn Aucion Highlighter ~ hit pan - March 14, 2020
  • Innisfree Powder ~ finished/fully empty - April 10, 2020
  • Ofra Brow Pencil ~ finished/couldn't sharpen anymore - May 8, 2020
  • Colourpop Eyehshadow Palette ~ hit pan on one shadow - May 28, 2020
  • Too Faced Blush ~ hit pan - June 10, 2020
  • Hard Candy Primer ~ finished/fully empty - July 3, 2020
  • Coola SPF Spray ~ finished - August 21, 2020
  • Mac Brow Pencil ~ finished/fully empty - September 30, 2020
  • Tarte Lip Balm ~ finished - October 18, 2020
  • Benefit Brow Pencil ~ finished - November 18, 2020
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow ~ hit pan - November 19, 2020
  • Hard Candy Concealer ~ finished/fully empty - November 19, 2020
  • Paula's Choice Primer ~ finished/fully empty - December 5, 2020
  • Lorac Eye Primer ~ finished/fully empty - December 18, 2020
  • YSL Tinted Lip Balm ~ finished - December 19, 2020
On top of the 19 products I finished, there was two I ended up getting rid of during the year:
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow ~ tossed because I wasn't using it - June 2020
  • ColourPop Lippie Stix ~ tossed because I wasn't using it - August 2020
So, even though I didn't quite reach my goal this year, I still really enjoyed focusing on older products in my collection and getting use out of them! I plan on starting a new project pan for 2021 and will introduce the products soon. 

20 in 2020 Project Pan

Have you guys project panned before? Do you plan on doing it for 2021?


  1. Oooh, you were so close! That's still amazing progress though considering how much less makeup we all wear now if you need to wear a mask for work like you do. I think now with just my eyes showing for work, I will be using up a TON of brow products! I have already used one Urban Decay Brow Pencil and I am just about to finish my Dior one. Blush is going to be the hardest for me to finish as I don't wear it anymore because I don't like trying to get it off my reusable cloth masks!

    1. Thanks Jayne! I agree - face products in general are hard to use, I like to make sure I can still use some on office or meeting days when I won't be around anymore, but it is certainly a challenge!