Saturday, August 17, 2019

Skincare Saturday - Kosmea Energising Radiance Mask

I get so excited when I'm introduced to new brands to me that have philosophies and products that I really like! Kosmea is Australian natural skincare brand that is founded on the healing properties of organic rosehip oil! 

Product received as PR sample

When I first heard Rosehip oil, I got pretty excited because my skin responds really well to rose based products. But, looking in to it a little more, rosehip oil is the oil from inside the fruit left behind forma rose that has lost its petals, referred to as a "hip"! 

Rosehip oil has the ability to balance and nourish all types of skin and Kosmea created a whole range of skincare products based on this specific ingredient! They actually say you can use rosehip oil on everything from a baby's diaper rash to a teenagers acne to a grandparents dry, sensitive skin and everything inbetween - basically it can be used for every age and skin condition! 

Skincare Saturday - Kosmea Energising Radiance Mask

Kosmea Energising Radiance Mask ~ $24.95 CAN. An overnight treatment mask that gives skin a moisture boost, leaving it recharged, bright and fresh.

This mask is made for all skin types, but is especially beneficial for dry skin. It's meant to deliver instant and long lasting hydration to the skin, while offering brightening, soothing and calming benefits. 

This mask can actually be worn as both a rinse off mask or an overnight mask, which is good to have a little versatility to using it! To use a a rinse off mask, you just apply it to cleansed skin and rinse off after 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can apply this to a clean face for bed time and wear it overnight! 

Skincare Saturday - Kosmea Energising Radiance Mask

This mask is nice and thick and is very hydrating! I used it both as a rinse off mask and as an overnight mask! 

So, as a rinse off mask it applies really easily to the skin and stayed comfortable on the skin for the 15 minutes while I wearing it - it didn't dry down at all and rinsed off well. It did make my skin super smooth and I think these rinse off masks are good pre-makeup application (if you aren't doing it immediately after your morning routine) for a little boost and brightening under the makeup! 

But, I've really incorporated it more in to my routine as a night mask. I generally love a rich, overnight mask about once per week (sometimes 2 times a week in the Winter). This wore nicely all night, but going to sleep you could certainly still feel a thin layer on top of the face so you know not to put your face on the pillow! But, it was absorbed and easy to rinse off the following morning. It made the skin very refreshed, hydrated and smooth after wearing it!

Overall, I really liked the Kosmea Energising Radiance Mask and it has me excited to try rosehip oil more and seeing the benefits on me! I liked that there were two ways to wear this mask and overall, it delivered on it's intended results! Have you tried anything from this brand before? I'm really curious to try more rosehip oil products! 

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