Monday, August 26, 2019

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails

Happy Mani Monday! We are carrying on our theme of Summer Nails for the month of August for #CBBxManiMonday! 

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails
Some polishes may have been received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

Every week, we have been looking through #SummerNails to find some inspiration and Abstract nails are everywhere! 

I've done abstract nails before and really like how they turned out; but, this week I deceived to stamp on the abstract design instead of painting it directly on my nails! 

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails

Stamping these designs on is kind of ingenious! You have a little more control over how the design is applied! I'm still trying to get the hang of stamping well, so this was really easy and I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails

The polishes I used for this week's Mani are:
-Sally Hansen + Jelly Belly Insta-Dri in Strawberry Cheesecake 
-ORLY polish in Cake Pop
-Nails Inc polish in Anything Flamingoessss
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Fuchsia Power
-Essie Gel Couture polish in Berry in Love

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails

To complete this manicure, I started with nail cleanser and base coat and 1 coat of Strawberry Cheesecake (I wanted a really light base or I usually apply more that). Then, with the other pink polishes I wiped off all the brushes and swiped them on to the stamper, then I applied the stamp to the end of the nail. To finish off the look, I used a nail dotting tool and the ORLY light pink, I added a few dots to each nail! 

Manicure Monday - Summer Abstract Nails

I love the abstract nail look, and I love how these turned out using the stamper - there was so much more control using this technique! 

As always, make sure to check out Cosmetic Proof, Prairie Beauty Love, and Tea & Nail Polish to see what they came up with for their #summernails this week! 


  1. I love this. I always wear pink for breast cancer awareness and this is perfect. Do you do nails professionally

    1. Thank you! I don't do anything professionally - just my own for fun!