Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best of 2018 - Skincare, Haircare and Body Discoveries!

I'm back with another Best of 2018 post - I just shared my favorite makeup discoveries of 2018 yesterday! Staying on the same track as yesterday, these will be my favorite products that I have tried in 2018, so not all of them were released this year, it's just the best of what I've tried! 

Best of 2018 - Skincare, Haircare and Body Discoveries!

I will be honest and say that I didn't discover a ton of new skincare products this year and it's because my skin has been changing over the past year post-baby and not returning to birth control pills. My skin has moved from very dry to combination and I'm still settling in to the best products for me - here's to hoping that 2019 brings some solid skincare loves! 

But, if you've followed along with my Monthly Favorites, then I still love products I've mentioned there too! I've also included a couple of hair and body products too! 

Best of 2018 - Skincare, Haircare and Body Discoveries!

May Lindstrom - The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate ~ sample shown (full size is $232.00 CAN). This mindful product envelopes your skin in delicate and cooling tranquility, while simultaneously calming emotional anxiety. Its calming benefits are derived from blue tansy, a tall, flowering plant belonging to the Asteraceae family.  Another significant ingredient found in the Blue Cocoon is camellia oil, a powerful antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory.  Camellia oil also helps to reduce the look of aging by protecting skin from free radical damage.

Okay, this product is incredibly pricey; but, it holy moly is it amazing!!! It's basically a skincare experience - to start take a rice size amount in your fingers, rub it together, inhale the scent, and smooth the balm over your face. This works wonders - I got some serious hormonal and stress acne happening and I can always count on this to clear and calm and even out my skin! 
This product is certified organic, wild harvested, fair trade, raw and unrefined as well as being a general miracle worker! 

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic ~ $20.00 CAN. The Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml miracle working toner helps brighten the complexion resulting in a healthier glow.

This is a slight cheat product because I have tried it before and didn't really like it before! So, this likely didn't work well with my dry skin; but, trying it again this year, it has really worked wonders for my skin! 

This toner is made with 5% glycolic acid and is really meant to brighten, exfoliate and smooth the skin! It is an alcohol free toner and is cruelty free as well. I use it every other evening on my skin and it has really improved the texture and appearance of my skin - It's noticeably cleared texture on my forehead and cheeks and really has helped brighten my skin! 

Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller Mini Size ~ $30.00 CAN (there is a full size roller for $50.00 CAN). A face roller that is built to have a cooling, soothing effect on the skin, promote drainage from the face, and reduce facial tension.

I am officially obsessed with facial rolling - when I got this, I was rolling most nights when I applied my serum or some masks. I use mine at night; but, have heard amazing things about putting this in the fridge and using it in the morning! 

This roller is made with Xiyuan Jade that has balancing properties and jade rolling is great for overall heath and radiance of the skin - it targets puffiness and tension in the face. Just roll up and outwards (don't roll back down) and repeat in the same area for 3-5 times - the whole process should only take about 60 seconds and wash the roller after! 

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme ~ $14.95 US. A more potent version of our bestselling glycolic fix pads, these extreme night pads contain our highest level of glycolic acid at 5% and have been further enhanced with the addition of salicylic acid, making these your ultimate night treatment to refine pores, brighten the complexion and de-congest the skin through the improvement of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. 

These have been working well hand in hand with the Pixi Toner - I love that these are pre-soaked pads and they work well. Again, I have noticed a really great improvement to the overall look and texture of my skin since incorporating Glycolic Acid in to my routine. I do find that with the Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid in them that I only need to use these once or twice a week to maintain clear skin! If you want a more detailed review - you can check out my full review here!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask ~ $59.00 CAN for full size (there is also a mini for $29.00 CAN). A skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting sleeping mask with watermelon and hyaluronic acid for post-facial results, all in one jar. 

Oh look more lovely glowy skincare products - I should have said, that along with Glycolic Acid, AHAs have really worked well to improve my skins tone and texture! I've done a review on this mask - you can check it out here. It took me a bit to see results; but, continued use at least 3-4 times per week, I have noticed my skin is much brighter and smoother and it's available at Sephora Canada for us now! Yay! 

Best of 2018 - Skincare, Haircare and Body Discoveries!

Lush Twilight Body Spray ~ $29.95 CAN. When you want to feel really cozy, safe and at peace, spritz this heavenly blend of lavender and tonka all over. With the same scent as Twilight Bath Bomb and Sleepy Body Lotion, you can now wear this sweet, sleep-inducing perfume in layers. Don't be afraid to spray generously: skin-softening glycerin makes our body sprays gentle on your skin. Sleep soundly, sweetheart.

I have 2 of these Lush sprays and love them both for different reasons - I use this one specifically for a pillow/pajama spray because it's so calming and relaxing before bed! I've recently had problems sleeping and falling asleep, so it's actually really helpful for me! I also have the Snow Fairy one that's become my every day body spray! These are lovely! 

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray ~ $38.00 CAN for full size (also available in mini size for $21.00 CAN). A featherweight leave-in formula that delivers all the benefits dry, damaged hair needs to look and feel healthier. 

This has been my go to hair product for the year - this makes my hair super smooth, detangled, and soft. This is light and doesn't weigh down my hair at all; but, makes my hair look really nice! 

Sephora Collection Supermask - The Mud Mask ~ $8.00 CAN. A two-part sheet mask that has been infused with a mineral mud formula to mattify, balance, and remineralize the skin.

I have love quite a few masks this year - I am really hoping to up my masking game this year though, because I feel like I should have loved way more! Anyways, this one was not only great; but, I thought it was a really unique mask too! A mud sheet mask - such a genius formula! A mud mask with no mess! And, it actually worked to clear and balance my skin! You can a full review on this here

Vichy Ideal Soleil Anti-Shine Dry Touch Lotion SPF60 ~ $28.95 CAN. High protection sunscreen against UVA/UVB rays, for face, recognized by Canadian Dermatology Association. Long lasting anti-shine effect. 80 minutes water & sweat resistance. Dry touch lotion formulated for an active lifestyle and outdoor activities.

This sunscreen is anti-shine and mattifying to the skin and it really is! This has actually become such a staple and I looked matte instead of greasy and gross even in the hottest summer days! It is a go-to face sunscreen - if you are combo/oily and hate sunscreens because they just add grease in the Summer, you should try this! 

Best of 2018 - Skincare, Haircare and Body Discoveries!

What are your favorite skincare products from this year? 

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  1. I haven't tried any of these products, but I will be buying the Pixi Toner soon, as in this week. And I've been wanting to try a jade roller for so long, I may just have to grab one soon as well, especially since I'm upping my mask game - can't wait for February!!!

    1. Hope you like the toner - it actually took me a while to like it!