Saturday, October 27, 2018

Five on Saturday - October 27, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all have had a great week! Mine has been crazy - my older son and I went to Penticton on Saturday to surprise my Dad for his 60th birthday, had a party and then came home on Sunday evening. Then, right after I got home, I left the next morning for 3 days in Edmonton for work! I got home late on Wednesday so Thursday and Friday were a total whirlwind! Ugh, I need a weekend! 


I will start with a disclaimer that this Five on Saturday is a little subscription box heavy as I got 3 in the mail this week! 

Let's start with the Scratch Monthly Mani Kit - it is $10.00 US + $4.95 for international shipping! Each month you get an exclusive set of wraps that aren't available for purchase and a few extra little mani goodies!

This is actually September and October's kits - they have really good customer service and messaged us to say September's kit was going to be delayed and offered to send an extra set of wraps along (I chose the Wallflowers wraps - the ones on the right hand side as I was sad I missed them last year!). And, they just shipped with the October kits. 

September's wraps are the Freshly Picked floral wraps and came with the gold stickers, and October's wraps are the Reverie wraps! I love them all! But, I'm going to pause and take a little break from this subscription - I always just pick it back up when I like the next set of wraps! 


Also, this week's mail included my October Ipsy bag - I was actually going to cancel Ipsy; but, they offered to send me a free bag, so I don't turn down free! 

If you don't know much about Ipsy, it is $10 US a month + $5 shipping to Canada. You get 5 deluxe samples or full sized products with a little makeup bag. October's theme is "Who Said Nights Were For Sleep" and the 5 products I got this month are:
  • Glamour Dolls Mascara (full size)
  • Oryza Beauty lipstick in "Opus" (full size)
  • Morphe Cosmetics Blush in Spirit (mini size)
  • Blaq Eye Masks (2 sets)
  • Derma E Peptide & Collagen Serum (deluxe sample)
Overall, this bag was pretty good - I'm happy to get mascara and I love blush color. I also am happy to try out the serum and eye masks! And, the lipstick is pretty - I am not sure if it's the right shade for me or not! 


Facetory is a new mask subscription to me - I heard good things and wanted to check it out! This is mask subscription and for $8.90 US + $7.00 shipping to Canada. This month's subscription came with 4 new masks to me - I am excited to try them out! 


This week Elliott turned 1 year and a half and I can't believe it!! He is growing so fast and he is so busy - running, talking, jumping! He is just the cutest! 


And, we are ready for Halloween! Finally our matching Halloween hoodies have arrived! These are going to look so awesome and match Elliott's costume! I can't wait to take him trick-or-treating!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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