Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween Makeup - Previous Year's Looks ~ Panda, Unicorn, Leopard and more!

Can you believe it is almost Halloween?! I love doing multiple Halloween makeup looks each year; however, I just can't find the time this year! But, I thought in case you were looking for some inspiration, I have lots of fun Halloween looks from years past! 


Last years costume was Daenerys Targaryen - I had a baby dragon and my husband was Jon Snow and we love Game of Thrones! 

The Mother of Dragons actually has quite simple makeup! I kept it very natural with neutral eyeshadow and simple face makeup - I really just had to enhance the brows! You can see everything I used and my steps on my original post here

And last year's just for fun Halloween makeup look was this Glam Glitter Panda! I love that this has a little extra sparkle and glitter to it! I'm such a panda fan, so I had to do this! 

The best part, is I used everything I already had in my collection - I didn't have to get anything new! I loved how this turned out! You can see my full how-to on my original post here


This year's actual makeup look was also a sort of pregnancy announcement, so the makeup itself isn't my finest work! 

I had to focus on the baby doll as well! But, doll makeup is great for a quick and easy look - again, with everything I already own! You can see my original post here for my how-to; but, it's basically enlarging the eyes and a few freckles! 

This is possibly one of my favorite Halloween makeup looks ever! It's so pink and sparkly and fun! I bought the Unicorn headband on Etsy and made my whole look match it! Pink and glitter everywhere! 

This one was so fun because there was basically no limit on what you could do or add to this look - in face, the more glitter, the better! You can check out my original post and how I got this look here

This is another one of my favorite makeup looks - Leopard! The spots turned out well and it's really bronzey and glowy! 

This leopard look is completed with a big cat eye, a little nose, spots and some ears! You can see my original post on how I got everything here!

And, if you want to see my makeup looks from previous years ~ 2015 Pop Art Comic Look, 2014 Sugar Skull, 2013 Minion, and 2012 Zombie Robin, you can check out an old recap here for all the details on the looks! They are really fun too!