Friday, April 6, 2018

Five on Friday - April 6, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! My older son was on Spring Break so we tried to keep busy this week; but, our plans were thrown off a little by more snow and cold weather here! 


This week started with the long Easter weekend - and it was Elliott's first Easter! He's just a touch too young for an egg hunt so he only had a few eggs hidden in the house; but, Damian was pretty lucky and got a huge haul of chocolate! We just had brunch with the family and it was a good weekend!


This week was also Damian's Spring break! We took the boys to the Calgary Science Centre - Telus Spark. It was a lot of fun! Damian really enjoyed the exhibits and movies and there was a good kids area for Elliott to play around in! We also really wanted to go to drive to Drumheller to go to the Dinosaur museum; but, the weather threw off our game, so we will go as soon as it's nice out! 


I just added reviews of the last 3 books I read and all 3 were really good!!! If you are on Goodreads, make sure you find my page there and add me - I love to see everyone's book recommendations! 


I finalllllly watched Stars Wars: The Last Jedi! Overall, I enjoy it - it wasn't as good as the last couple they released. There was definitely some cheesy parts and I can see why people might not have liked it as much; but, overall I'm back in to the Star Wars movies. I think it helps that my son and husband are really in to the series too! 


Shocking, I bought more baby clothes! But seriously, how could I resist these! I needed to have the Easter shirt for our Easter pictures - I just found these on a facebook auction. And, these pants were made by Little Monster clothing - the pirate pants have an extendable waist and bottoms which is awesome, and I had to get the dinosaur pants! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!