Friday, April 27, 2018

Five on Friday - April 27, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - this week has been a little crazy for me! 


Alright, this was my first week back to work and it was a doozy! I'm actually going in to a whole new position so there is a lot of new information and it's a lot to take in! I will get the hang of it; but, there is also a lot of new staff to get to know as well and it's different getting back in to everything! Buuuuut, on top of that, Elliott just got his first molar and this week has been hell - he is teething so bad that he has been up at 4:30 every morning! Ah - fingers crossed next week he sleeps better! 

minion birthday cake

More baby cakes! Last weekend was Elliott's first birthday party and when I saw how much he loved the minions when we met them at Universal Studios, I knew he had to have a minion themed party! 

We took it pretty easy with party planning as we knew we were going to have around 30 people there. Decor was a few minion goodies, balloons and baby pictures! Food was really simple - sandwiches, veggies, chips and dip. And for dessert I made cupcakes and ordered a custom minions sprinkle mix from The Sparkling Pantry (it's now permanently in her mixes) - there is some amazing sprinkle mixes and free local pickup in Calgary! I also made this cute minion shirt for the occasion! Such a great party! 


Speaking of Elliott first birthday party, this week he turned ONE!!!!!! Omg! How did that happen?! I feel like this last year just flew by! He is such a busy one year old - walking, practically running, starting to talk, and keeping us on the move! I'm so excited to see what this next year brings us and what this crazy guy gets up to!


Since I started work this week, I started my Palette of the Week challenge and for the first week I chose the Too Faced White Peach Palette! I chose this for my first week back because I know it is perfect for creating quick, easy every-day eye looks! I have a very recent huge post on this palette - swatches, review and 3 eye looks - that you can check out here

This palette is perfect for quick looks - it has lots of light transition shades and a couple great, light shimmer lid shades and that's perfect for every day for me! My only complaint is I find the 2 dark shades a little hard to incorporate because there isn't anything medium toned in the palette to help them blend so it takes a little work! 


This week the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was released and of course I downloaded it right away! I'm not too far in to it yet; but, it's a fun story line so far! I do wish their was a little quiz to be sorted; but, so far, so good! Did you get the game?

I hope you all have a great weekend! It's supposed to be beautiful here in Calgary, so I am looking forward to a good weekend - I am excited to be home for 2 days now! 

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