Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

Not only is it Skincare Sunday today; but, it's also Earth Day today! I've got a few products from eco-friendly brands to share with you for the day. 

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

Boo Bamboo products are vegan, cruelty free products with biodegradable formulas. Radius toothbrushes are made with a special formula bio-plastic and their toothpastes are organic, vegan, gluten free and non-gmo. The Green Beaver products are Canadian, organic, and natural and Acure products are organic, natural, and fair trade. Wise Men's Care products are natural and cruelty free. All of these products are available for Canadians on 

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

Green Beaver Boreal Extra Dry Skin Body Lotion ~ $15.29 CAN. Green Beaver Extra Dry Skin Body Lotion replenishes and protects your skin's moisture barrier. Plus it relieves itching due to dry skin.

I have really been enjoying products that I have tried from the Green Beaver products - I'm actually using their baby lotion on Elliott right now and I really like it! This is a great thick lotion that has worked really well so far for me! 

Green Beaver Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm ~ $4.99 CAN. Green Beaver Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm is a soft, long-lasting balm that will soothe and protect red, dry lips caused by arctic winds. Enriched with skin-healing aloe and Vitamin E. Green Beaver Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm is also unflavoured so you won’t lick your lips dry again.

I like these squeezy tube lip balms - they work so well for really moisturizing the lips! Again, I love that this brand is natural, organic and Canadian! 

Acure Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Towelettes ~ $8.99 CAN. Be gorgeous on-the-go with these micellar water towelettes! Gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat, environmental toxins, and that mustard from the corner of your mouth. No splashy rinsing necessary.

I have really liked all the product from Acure that I have tried! I like these so far too - I personally don't use wipes to remove a full face of makeup. These have worked on what I have tried so far (mostly swatched products), so far so good!

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

Wise Glacier Clay Pomade ~ $34.99 CAN. This pomade is made with hand-picked organic glacial marine clay from northern British Columbia, an ingredient renowned for its abundance of beneficial minerals. Great for any hair type, it features a medium yet natural hold with a matte finish and a fresh and earthy scent from north-western Canada. 

My husband is really picky about his hair products and he really likes this! It's hold hair without being sticky or crunchy.

Another great feature about Wise Men's products is that they come in refillable packages and they sell refills which is really amazing for reducing waste. The theme of the 2018 Earth Day is End Plastic Pollution and I think refillable and reusable packaging is a really great start! 

Boo Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo ~ sample shown (full size $9.99 - $18.99 CAN). Say goodbye to dry brittle hair! This bamboo extract enriched formula drenches your hair with organic proteins and silica to help strengthen your hair and create brilliant shine. It gently cleanses without stripping away your colour, leaving you with incredibly soft healthier looking hair.

Boo Bamboo Strengthen & Shine Conditioner ~ sample size (full size is $9.99 - $18.99 CAN). Get ready to experience noticeably stronger, healthier looking hair with incredible shine. Rich in mineral and organic proteins this bamboo extract infused formula restores your dry brittle hair to silky smoothness with incredible strength, vitality and shine. 

Boo Bamboo Hair Strengthening Seal & Shine Serum ~ sample shown (full size is $13.29 CAN). This ultra lightweight, mineral rich formula with bamboo extract and organic protein seals your hair cuticle and fills in surface imperfections creating flawless, frizz-free shine with no greasy residue.

I have been wanting to try Boo Bamboo hair products - I really liked the mask and baby products I have tried from them! I am going to save these for a trip in the Summer time! 

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush Soft ~ $9.79 CAN. Finally an innovative design that allows customers to travel in comfort and style! The RADIUS “TOUR” Travel Toothbrush is uniquely designed to provide a deep and soft massaging clean unlike any ordinary travel toothbrush on the market today. The TOUR is constructed with a clever “jack-knife” handle functionality that hides the toothbrush replacement head inside the handle when not in use, acting as an all-in-one travel case and toothbrush. 

I have talked about this toothbrush before - I packed it last year in my bag for the hospital bag and have took it travelling. I love the design that this folds up on itself. It will be perfect to take along with me on Summer vacations!

Radius Organic Coconut Whitening Toothpaste in Ginger Citrus ~ $12.99 CAN. Organic Ginger Citrus Whitening Toothpaste combines zesty, mint-free ginger, invigorating citrus, and the cleansing benefits of basking soda to offer a refreshingly simple, low-foam toothpaste that is both safe and effective.

I really liked the Radius baby toothpaste that I talked about recently! It's a little hard to get used to a low-foaming style toothpaste when that's what you have been used to for years. But, I am excited to give this a proper try and see if I can get used to it! 

Radius Mint Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol ~ $8.29 CAN. Radius Mint Floss is soft floss coated with xylitol. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic flossers with stylish and convenient Radius Floss Sachet Packs! 

Another way to try and reduce your plastic waste by making little changes. Floss isn't something you really think about to be honest - I always just get the little plastic containers from the dentist while I'm there. This worked fine for me! 

Earth Day Skincare Sunday - Eco Friendly Products from Boo Bamboo, Acure, Radius, Green Beaver and Wise

I think I am going to really embrace the idea of reducing my plastic waste - it's a really massive problem and if we all start making simple, small changes then we can start to have a bigger impact. But, if that isn't a goal of yours, even using Earth Day to think about products (not just beauty) that are better for the Earth is a good place to start!

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I got this package too and am really liking the selection! The Green Beaver lip balm is super hydrating and I love the scent of the Acure wipes! :)