Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

Yesterday was Earth Day, so today's Manicure is going to be an Earth Day themed mani! "Earth Day is Every Day" is the Earth Day motto and I think it's important to be earth conscious every day, so why not have the Earth on my nails as a little reminder?! 

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

I was going for an "Earth From Above" look and I think that's exactly how these turned out! Sponge nail art is really easy too - it's not meant to be perfect at all! 

I'm teaming up again with Jayne from Cosmetic Proof and Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love - they both always do amazing nails! Make sure you check out their take on Earth Day nails today too! 

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

Before we talk about the Mani though, let's quickly talk about Earth Day - this year's theme for Earth Day is to end plastic pollution. We are a society that throws out and wastes so much - I am really guilty of it too. But, I try to at least recycle and compost every thing that I can. For me, my plastic consumption is a lot of plastic bags and food containers. Personally, I like the moves to ban plastic bags and straws - those are something I personally want to stop using those 2 things and I am going to make an effort to be more plastic conscious! I think the calculator on the earthday website really put things in to perspective for me about my plastic footprint! 

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

The products I used for this week's Manicure are:
-Ceramic Glaze polish in French Riviera
-OPI polish in Greenade 
-Sally Hansen polish in White On
-triangle cosmetic sponge 
-nail cleanser, base coat, and topcoat (not pictured)

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

The steps i followed for this week's mani are:
1.Nail cleanser and base coat 
2. 2 coats of blue polish as the base
3. Let the polish dry well
4. Take a cosmetic sponge and rip an edge so that it is uneven
4. Put a little green polish on a flat working surface (I use old yogurt lids), and dip the ripped edge in to the polish. 
5. Dab off once to remove excess polish, then dab the sponge with green polish on to the nails. I tried to keep the in to big pieces to look like continents. 
6. Let that layer dry and repeat with white polish over top - keep these smaller to look like clouds! 
7. Let dry again, and apply top coat. 

I'm really happy with my Earth sponge nail art! 

Earth Day Manicure Monday - Earth Sponge Nail Art

Again, make sure you check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love to see their Earth Day nails too! 


  1. They really look like the earth viewed from above, really cool!

  2. Ooh, so pretty! Love the sponged effect :)

    1. Thank you - love how this turned out too!