Sunday, January 28, 2018

Five on Sunday - January 28, 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm getting my weekly 5 up a couple of days late - but this was a crazy busy week and we just got back home last night! 


We had such an amazing week in Los Angeles, Universal Studios, Anaheim and Disneyland! We went on a week long family vacation with our little family of four, plus my sister and her husband, and my mom, step dad, brother and his service dog. We had a big group all staying in a house and visiting the parks together! 

Elliott was actually really good travelling and loved seeing all the characters! Damian turned in to a teenager while we were down there, had so much fun on all the rides and had a great time with the family! It was awesome to spend lots of time with the family, jump in a pool every day and relax (or as much as you can relax chasing a 9 month old!) I will do a whole post on our trip, with some kids/baby tips! 

I did a TON of shopping while in California - Ulta, Sephora, Target! I am going to get a haul post up ASAP this week so you can see everything I picked up and then will do individually posts on some of my big ticket items! Keep your eyes peeled if you are excited to see all my shopping!!! 


Speaking of shopping, while at Universal Studios Hollywood (now with a Harry Potter section) I had to stock up on my favorite Harry Potter candy! Well, almost all my favorites - where are the Fizzing Whizzbies (there wan't any there!) But, I picked up enough to make me feeling like i'm a real witch for a while! 


Ahhhh... my oldest son, Damian, turned 13!!! Holy, you guys I am the mom to a teenager! I'm so proud of this little (or not so little - he is taller than me now) guy - he's is such a sweet, thoughtful, nice little guy! 

And, during the week, Elliott turned 9 months old! It's so crazy to have a teenager and a baby; but, I could gush about these 2 forever! Such special little boys! 


Okay, I have heard about Disney Tsum Tsums before; but, I haven't actually seen them before and they are sooo freaking cute - I can't! I picked up the Ewok first at Dinseyland for something little for him to hold on to and he loved it, so of course I picked up a couple more for him! (These are the mini ones...) And, Damian, got a brand new light saber to add to his collection! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

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