Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday - January 19, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I have had a great week; but, it was busy! 

We are leaving tomorrow for our family vacation to L.A. and Anaheim and I couldn't be more excited! Travelling with a baby comes with so much more prep! We are flying in to L.A. staying there for a couple of days - we have plans for Universal Studios, shopping, the Hollywood sign, etc. Then we are driving to Anaheim and staying near Disneyland for a few days as well and doing both Disney parks! We may be a little crazy for trying it all with a soon-to-be 9 month old! (Any tips you have would be lovely!)

The posts will be a little on the lite side while we are on holidays; but, I do have a few posts scheduled while I'm away - mostly Disney related! Hope you all have a great week! 


I don't have much information/knowledge on the Seacret brand (I have heard a little bit about it and tried one of their face masks before); but, my hair stylist uses this brand and this brush is amazing! It is the Seacret Pro Styling Hair Brush and it is sooo good on my hair. I have fine and thin hair and it tangles so easy - I also have a really sensitive scalp so I hate my hair being pulled, etc. This brush is so soft and gentle and works quickly - no pulling, no frizz! 


I just got some new cute stickers from DreamBigandPlan - this is a new Etsy shop to me and the stickers are cute - I needed some practical dots, basketballs, nail polishes, etc! 


Alright, almost 9 months and nearly all my baby weight later, and I can't fit in to all my regular clothes. I am back in a few of my stretchy jeans and looser tops; but, post baby everything settles a little different and I have finally pulled out all my baggy maternity clothes and bought some clothes a size up. I was just getting down about being somewhere in the middle (but who wants to wear maternity this many months later!) I went to Winners and found an amazing pair of Hudson's pants, new leggings, and a bunch of basic tops (can you tell I only have 1 color scheme that I wear!) But, also there is so many great brands in here and this whole haul was only $200! 


How fun is my new Pedicure?! I needed to get my toes done before our trip and instead of just going for a plain colour, I went for a bright pink with a chrome powder over top! I love how shiny these are! It doesn't quite photograph as great as it looks in person! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

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